Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Better now, new scissors and lesson learned

I think I really am better now.
In June I thought I was fine, but apparently not. My sadness and apparent depression were showing themselves in my constant anger and inability to be pleased by anyone.
I think I have survived though, and just in time! I'm sure the men in my life were getting pretty tired of it, although they never once snapped back or complained.

I have been sneaking into the sewing room and making some small paper pieced pineapple blocks. I think I wrote about them before. I'm back to being able to slide those through the machine and listen to my audio book and enjoy myself. So much so that I sat too long Saturday night and I have a kink in my back. :)

Jimmy and Lauren didn't get the wedding quilt, but we gave them a gift card to Target for incidentals they didn't get in the showers and a written promise that the quilt is on it's way. Now that it is in writing I have to stay focused. That just means I can't work on it this week as the muscle relaxers are making me unfocused. :)

This week I ordered the newest Karen K Buckley Perfect Scissors. and I LOVE them. These are 6" from tip to bottom. They are the perfect size for snipping threads while doing the paper piecing pineapples. The color is pretty too!

Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors Medium 6"

I have had the larger version for a few years and I do love them, but always felt they were a bit long and I have managed to hit the sewing machine and my table with the super pointy and super sharp tips. Leaving scars on the Bernina is not a good thing!
Karen Kay Buckley's 7 1/2" Perfect ScissorsThese are 7.5" from tip to bottom and the 1.5" really does make a difference.
I love these scissors because they are sharp and have a serrated blade which grabs the fabric and doesn't let it slide out of the blade while cutting. I also love them because they have a LARGE area for my fingers to go through. I have so many scissors that are relegated to the scissor drawer because they either won't let me put my fingers in or they won't let my finger go when I want to put them down.

Now I'm off to play a bit...

PS.I learned something new yesterday. My male dog loves to eat Hydrangea leaves. I also learned Hydrangea leaves are not good for him. Lesson learned! Hydrangea is now out of the lanai and out of his reach.