Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Memories with Daddy

From my childhood it was a long row of rabbit hutches in the back yard.  I could hold the babies while Daddy tended to the moma rabbits.

Daddy working on a car in the driveway,  late at night while listening to any and all LSU  ball games on the radio  LOUDLY.

Having every TV in the house turned to game,  race or boxing match  so he wouldn't miss a thing as he went from room to room.

Saturday morning cartoons... Foghorn Leghorn , Road Runner and Bugs Bunny kept us laughing,  but his favorite was the Pink Panther. 

The best Bar-B-Q in the world was served every Saturday at our house and made by my Daddy.

Christmas lights all over and the speakers Daddy put all around the outside of the house.  The neighbors heard every Christmas album we owned. 

The years at the lake.  Fishing and boat riding all day and boiled peanuts and Coke at night.

The secret driving lessons that started at about the age of twelve. Always in the evenings when the roads at the lake were empty.  His only directions were "Keep it between the ditches"  and "Don't tell your Moma".

A thousand "Hey, Baby!"  and smiles when my family would pile out of the car when we visited. 

The smile on his face when I called his name last Friday.

We buried Daddy last week. I am fortunate that I was able to see one last smile.