Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back home

I'm back home from Texas. I haven't done much more than a couple loads of laundry.
I can't seem to focus. I feel guilty living so far away and my two sisters and sister in law are left to check on Daddy.
Thirty years ago we moved away (with many moves over the years) so I have to live with that decision, but guilt does creep in on occasion.

I have two goals for today.
1. Go into my sewing room
2. Cook a meal

We will see how it goes


Friday, April 26, 2013

Moma, me and our love of sewing...

Me and my Moma shared a love of all things sewing. It all began very early for me. Moma sewed everything we wore. With 4 daughters that meant many hours at the sewing machine. I loved waking up from my nap as a child and the only sound in the house was the purr of the machine and the click of Moma's scissors.
Grandma Emfinger taught me to embroidery when I was about six years old and Moma taught me to crochet. We made many pillowcases with embroidery and then crocheted the edges. That was how we spent the time riding in the car to and from the lake while Daddy drove, well that or shelling peas or making butter in a mason jar.
When I got to jr. high and high school I got to take home economics classes. My final grade project one year was a complete outfit. We decided I would make a gown and house coat for Jennifer. We had so much fun picking the fabric, the trim and buttons. She taught me to take my time on the curves and gently pull the threads to gather the sleeves to make them fit. She dried my tears when I had to rip the sleeve out the third time since I kept sewing too fast and not doing a good enough job and my stitches showed on the front.
She never could teach me to make a button hole so I put snaps on the housecoat. Me and Moma got an A+ on that outfit. Well I got an A, Moma got the +.

Moma made my wedding veil when I married. She gathered and stitched and appliqu├ęd the trim and beaded until it was almost too heavy to wear. She said she loved every minute. I loved the results but mostly I love that she wanted to do that for me.

After I married I was introduced to quilting and I found my sewing passion. Mom followed me into this, but only ankle deep. She loved quilts, she loved looking at patterns and shopping for the fabrics, but while I saw a Dresden Plate or Log Cabin quilt top in the fabrics, she saw skirts and blouses.
Moma loved to travel but didn't get to very much. We had the opportunity to go to a quilt retreat in Pennsylvania and we jumped at the chance. We drove from Mobile AL to Bird In Hand , PA and Moma oohed and aahhed the whole way.
We had so much fun!
Several years ago Moma gave me the old brown Singer that sewed so many miles of stitches. It made every dress, shirt, slip, prom dress, choir formal, Easter dress, and shirt for Daddy for 25 or 30 years before she wore it out and bought another. The old brown machine is only good for memories now but I don't walk past it that I don't think of all the love that came out of it.
The Barbie doll clothes she made for me and Dorie while we were taking our naps so they would be a surprise for Christmas. We had the best dressed Barbies in town!
The new birthday outfit every year, usually green, for the St Patrick's Day girl.
New dresses for the first day of school.
My prom dress, 4 bridesmaids dresses and my veil that was all made in a 6 week period because no one else's mom sewed and me and mom found the "perfect" pattern and fabric.

But mostly I remember the life lessons.
" slow down"
" measure carefully"
"Read the instructions"
"Spread the fullness out evenly"
" it isn't worth doing unless you're going to do it right"

We buried Moma yesterday.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blogger is weird

Posts made a week ago are just showing up. :^/

I was able to see Daddy today. He saw Ray first and was so excited, then he asked where I was. I brought him a Whataburger, his favorite. I helped him eat that, he said he was full. I told him I brought a cookie so he brightened up and shoved it in. About five minutes later I was going to rake his meal tray out and asked if he wanted his pudding. He said there is always room for pudding! ;) Daddy loves his sweets.


Fun with my friends

Ray had to be in Mobile so of course I jumped in the truck.
Yesterday I was able to attend quilt guild and see so many of my favorite people. We went to lunch afterwards then on to my Nancy's. I had a wonderful time!

Today Karen drove over and got me and we ran the roads to Susan's quilt shop. Between yesterday and today I have added to my reproduction fabrics quite nicely. ;?)

Now I am sewing and watching last weeks Quiltcam. How fun.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

iPhone, iPad or Blogger app...

I have two blog posts just sitting on my phone and won't load. I can't get them to delete either! So I am trying on the iPad to see if I can screw this up too. ;?)

Yesterday Karen took the morning off work to come see me. We had such a wonderful time! We drove over to Susan's heirloom sewing center and spent a good while bumping our gums (as my Papa would say) with the owners and workers. Had lots of laughs, caught up on gossip and spent a little money.

Today I pack up and head to Texas. My MIL is going to a family reunion and Ray and I are going to drive her and her two sisters. It will be so nice to have them as a captive audience for several hours and ask all sorts of questions.

I sure hope this posts...


Monday, April 8, 2013

Look what I learned !

I give credit to Judy Laquidara. I admire her socks all the time and would love to make my own. SE always tells everyone, " If you want to do something, learn how and do it!"
Well I have tried for years and I mean years, to learn to knit. I can crochet and love it, but knitting always confused me. Years ago while living in Mobile we had a quilt guild member from England that gave us knitting lessons. She was very patient and everyone learned so much for her. Everyone that is but me. I couldn't do it to save my life. It was a mental block I guess.

Long story short...I was playing around on You Tube Saturday night and happened to see a "learn to cast on" video. I watched it and nothing...couldn't see what she was doing. Who do so many people load videos that actually show the table they are at, but not so much what they are trying to show us?
Anyway...I tried another video...better but couldn't do it. I said I would try one more. Third time is a charm! I got it! It made sense! I can only cast on and do the knit stitch, but it's a start. My thoughts are make a dishcloth and get really good at this knit stitch then try to learn to purl.



Friday, April 5, 2013

On the injured list

You know you have done way too much cutting and ironing when...

Bought at Joann's and they really help
Usually this keeps the arthritis in my thumb from getting too painful, but last night after wearing it most of the day and taking Naproxen with very little much help I had to get some relief.

I pulled out this and took more meds.  Funny thing is after thinking about it I'm not sure if it was just my thumb or if I managed to irritate my wrist. Once the Tylenol kicked in to help the Naproxen and I was in agony I was able to analyze and came up with more pain in the wrist than the base of the thumb. Who knows? Sounds about par for me. I can't have one minor pain  I have to kick it up a notch. I'll wear this today and see if I can nip this. I don't want to have to wear this on my trip coming up.


Pay attention to any pain that creeps in. Don't keep pushing until it is bad. I think if I had stopped sooner I wouldn't be hurting so much.

MODERATION. I honestly can't do moderation well, but that is what my doctor keeps telling me so I will pass it along. Give yourself rest periods.

When you are in a time crunch, stop looking at new designs and redesigning old ones. PICK A PATTERN and stick to it! I could be finished with two king size quilt tops by now if I had stopped doing the butterfly thing. sheesh!

Ok, I will be careful and only piece today. It will be hard to not trim, but I will just stack it up and trim tomorrow. We will see what happens.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Design wall

I designed this quite a while back but as usual I sat it aside when something else came into the room. I think i moved it to do some mending on one of the kids clothes. They never bring one item, it's usually half of their closet at a time. Anyway the other day I opened a box that said 1 1/2" strips and I saw CW fabrics so I thought that was what I was getting. Nope!

This is what I came up with.

I like the appearance of curves.

More later.