Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jumble of emotions, lots of thoughts

I have just returned home from a two week trip. I went to Mobile to see my friends and attend a retreat with them. I had so much fun! I was so happy to see the faces of the ladies I have learned to love over the years. Ladies who I would have probably never met had it not been for my obsession with quilts. Since September 1998 I have had the pleasure of learning and laughing with the great members of Azalea City Quilters Guild. I hope I have at least another 50 years with them.

If I ever learn to get pictures off of my phone I will post some of the pictures I took.

After the retreat I left and went to Houston. My daddy has been put in a nursing home. The idea was he was too weak and needed to get some therapy for walking, balance and strength. Originally the goal was a few weeks and he would be home. My first thought when my sister TEXT me, was he will never come home. Can you tell I was not impressed by learning of his hospital stay and nursing home stay via text? There are just some things that should be done with your voice and not your fingers! I think telling someone their parent is ill would be one of them. I'm just sayin'.
Anyway, off of that tangent and back to the story.
I went to Houston to find out for myself what was going on. After about 5 days I came to realize my first thought just might be correct and Daddy may not come home. He fell three times in less than 30 hours. They can not convince him to stay still until someone can help him stand. He is adamant there is a conspiracy between my mother and the nursing home to keep him. He swears the sitter who sits with him when no family is with him, is hurting him. The man in the bed next to him (in a coma) makes too much noise and is rude to him.
Every time I would go see Daddy he asked if I had my fast red truck. He remembers that I have a Ford F250 with a big engine. Daddy always loved Ford trucks and used to street race in his younger days. Anyway he asked me if I would go get my truck and back up to his room window. He was going to climb out and I would "go fast, don't stop, not even for the police" and take him home. That was all fine and good until the fourth day and he told me he knew I wasn't ever going to bring the truck. He was so upset with me, then he just kept getting more and more agitated that I had to leave. I was afraid I was gonna make him have a heart attack or a stroke.

I know those of you who read my blog don't read to hear about family issues, but right now that is where I am. This is all I think of all day long.
Today was spent resting, unpacking, napping, laundry and thinking.
I hope tomorrow I can have a better day and maybe rip out the sewing I did at the retreat. I will explain more in detail later, but basically I wasted four yards of fabric. I cut it all up just to discover it was 1" too small! Setting triangles! UGH!


Monday, August 8, 2011

She's alive!

Yes, I'm alive.
I have had a fight with my Fibro and my RA. I have felt like a victim of a crash and deprived of sleep for at least a week. Man!
I am coming out of it now, but I tell you what I couldn't concentrate, walk, stand, or do much of anything.
I have no idea what happened to cause it to act up, but I haven't felt that bad for a LONG time.
I know I have been stressed about my dad so maybe that had something to do with it, but I don't know.

I am headed to see my parents so I can see for myself how Daddy is. He has been put in a "therapy facility" read nursing home.  I have got to go see with my own eyes how he is doing.
I will stop in Mobile and see my friends and retreat a couple of days, then head on to Houston.
beaded needle case
Some of the ways I have passed the time is been playing with my beading. It is coming back to me pretty easily and I am enjoying sitting in the living room with Ray and bead weaving while he watched TV.

One night I was invited to watch my daughter in a mini dance competition. Try as I might I didn't get any good pictures but I wanted to share a few.
Introduction Dance


Dancing with Ms. Wanda

This was completely new to me. I have never seen Kari dance and didn't know exactly what to expect. I thought she looked nice and danced pretty.

Gotta start packing,