Wednesday, March 5, 2014

All over the place with little accomplished

I have been a complete mess since returning home.  :^/

I have still not got back to sleeping all night. I'm averaging about 3.5 a night. Makes me a not so nice person to be around after dark. I'm refusing to nap in the day time just in case that will cause me to nit sleep at night, but I'm ready to chuck that idea and sleep whenever and wherever possible.
I told Ray the other day I was going to get him to do for me what we have done in the past for the kids when they were babies and they felt bad or was teething. I want him to put me in the truck and drive me around and sing to me. I am out light a light! He does that when we travel and I am unable to keep my eyes open for any price. LOL He wasn't too excited at first but after the last couple of nights he said he was ready to try come tomorrow nit. Why tomorrow? He doesn't normally work on Friday so he can drive me all night, then sleep when we get home in the morning. LOL I have this all thought out!

What is the deal with credit scores?
I have not worked (and made a pay check) in over 30 years. Ray is the bacon bringer homer dude and my credit score is over 40 points better than his. LOL! CRAZY!  But the crazier thing is...his is in the GOOD level and mine is in the EXCELLENT level.  HAHA!!!! I find that so funny, and just a bit scary. That is probably why our financial world is in such a state we allow people who don't even have an income to have excellent credit scores and those who do work and pay all the bills get lower ones. WEIRD.

I have sewn  N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Not one stitch has been taken. I have sat in here and stared at my machine but that is all. What a loser.

I have knitted a little. Mostly I have ripped out and grumbled under my breath...and not so under my breath.
 You see this little dishcloth? I have tried 4 times to make this. I can get more than half way (once I got 3/4) finished and lose my way and can't figure what I'm doing or supposed to do and end up ripping it out. I finally called it quits. Yep I'm a quitter. That pattern is not even hard, but I keep getting lost. :^(
baby socks A & B
Good instructions
I am trying to learn to knit two socks at a time. I keep hearing about SSS or Second Sock Syndrome, and everyone who knows me knows I have no problem getting quilts to the top and calling them done, just imagine me and making socks. I would have a drawer full of unmatched socks. That may not be such a big deal, now that I think of it, but I'm not sure I'm THAT crazy lady yet. I always tell my friend I want to grow up and be the crazy lady on the block that has plastic pink flamingos in the front yard, 23 cats and sings loudly while gardening. I'm not sure I'm there yet. Give me just a bit more time. A few more weeks of no sleep and you never know!

Speaking of singing loudly...while in Houma last time I found the BEST country radio station.   Gumbo 94.9 plays all the best songs from I would say the 70's through the 90's maybe some into the early 2000's. They are all in the top 100 so tons of great music from my younger years. I'm streaming live and listening to Sawyer Brown right now. Loving it! Although my son and husband have taken to wearing noise cancelling headphones. I think that is rude!. Just sayin'.

I have been digging through my bag patterns and think I am going to make a couple if I can concentrate long enough. I need some new ones for travelling. My daughter made fun of me carrying so much stuff in zip lock bags. 

Purse-Nickities. Lazy Girl
The top one with the handle I made and use it daily.

Perfect Pouches, Lazy Girl
I know, I don't need a pattern for this, but I did when I bought it.

Lazy Girl Designs, hands down had the easiest to follow patterns, (IMHO). I have made several of her bags, purses and totes and each one was a total success. Well, one was bad, but it was the fabric choice that caused that. I also like Atkinson Designs, but I have to concentrate to follow her instructions. I think it's me. I find the way the instructions are laid out hard to follow.


I wonder if this is something I would use?

Ok, I guess that is enough rambling. I want to try and get something accomplished before I have to fix dinner. Tonight is fajitas! I made steaks Monday and grilled an extra ribeye, so easy peasy dinner night.  "Sigh" ( that was for you L) :) Thought you might like a laugh.