Monday, March 24, 2008

That's a lot of stuff in a tiny space.

Roller drawers full of patterns, templates and homespun fabrics. Tubs of pulled fabrics for design ideas. Strip boxes with every size from 1" to 4.5".

This is a twin bed covered with fabric no less that 18" in each stack. Behind the stacks are completed tops and kits/tops cut out and ready to be sewn.

This looks like a total mess but it is organized chaos. I am cutting pieces that are less than a FQ into strips for my strip containers. I have my creams and beiges folded on the ironing table to keep them separated. under the table is tubs of "after the quilt is made scraps" that need to be reincorporated into the stash.

This is my books and magazines, well, some of them anyway, with a pile of booth samples and class supplies that haven't been put away. I have a big mess on my hands.

The only consolation is the space is only about 8' X 8' so I have a lot of stuff crammed in a tiny area. I hope in the new house to have a bigger room, and to be organized! That is the real goal, be organized! I think I would actually get more accomplished if I could see it all. Since I am an"out of sight out of mind" kind of person, I need to see the fabric.
I can't believe I am gonna post this mess. What am I thinking? You all will know I am a pig! LOL

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Guild workshops

I have just spent the last two days in Machine Applique classes taught by Harriet Hargrave. I can honestly say I don't think I have learned so much in such a short period of time since I first started my quilting adventure. She has so much information that I was interested in I could have picked her brain for days if given the chance. I have never met anyone who knows as much about fabric, thread, stabilizers, adhesives, needles and sewing machines (any brand). I also have never met anyone who irons as much as I do and enjoys it as much as I do.

Tuesday night at the lecture we had a small group and we were able to touch and feel and inspect the quilts she brought to talk about. We had two hours of questions and answers about anything we wanted to ask. It was great!

I can honestly say I will be doing some machine invisible applique in the future. I love applique but I just don't have the patience to do it by hand. Maybe when I grow up and mature and can sit for more than a few minutes at a time. Ok, I hear you all laughing at that, maybe I won't ever grow up and mature! LOL

Of course I was so busy I only got a couple of pictures from the class times, and none of the quilts we got to hold and play with. I will post what I have in a bit.



Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Quilting Day!

I noticed over the years that I hardly ever get to actually sew on National Quilting Day. I plan on changing that trend today. I visited the NQA website (where I got this graphic) and I saw the special project for this year. My plan is to make at least one top for the Linus group I am a member. Our group is pretty prolific. I don't know the exact amount but we usually give well over 50 quilts a year. I think that is good for a group of about ten women who meet once a month. I think this will be a good National Quilting Day!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lots to do today

Today is quilt guild day, and as workshop chair I am usually crazy busy. Today will be no different. I have last minute announcements for Harriet Hargrave workshops that happen next week. My April workshop teacher cancelled and so I have decided I will teach a dye workshop in her slot, so I have to announce that.

I went shopping this weekend and while youngest son and I were walking in the mall we ducked into the Disney store for a quick look. We found the cutest classic Winnie the Pooh nursery lamp on clearance for a very affordable price. My sister in law just gave birth to Hannah Grace so Joseph and I decided that Hanna needed this lamp. It is so cute! Anyway, I have to get that mailed off today

The list is getting longer and I am still in my jammies, I better get running!



Sunday, March 9, 2008

These are my blocks that I making for the Beginning piecing class...way to stay ahead of the students huh? LOL

I'm trying to decide how I want to sash them. The next class is to cover sashing and borders so I really need to get a move on.

Well, here is what I decided. What do you think? Now the dilemma I have is how to border it. Suggestions so far have been :
1. Darker color, solid border
2. Small inner border of the background fabric with larger border being more of the blue in the sash.
3. Piano keys with all the fabrics used in the blocks.
I am completely lost, so any suggestions would be helpful.
Below are the blocks my students made.

I have a sample to make the shop before Tuesday. I better get crackin'!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Class work

These are the blocks I am working on for my Beginning Piecing class. Tomorrow is the last class and I am teaching about sashing and borders.

I am not sure, but it looks like I am behind, huh? LOL

I am trying to figure out which fabrics to choose for the border. I had one all picked out but it doesn't do alot for it now that all the blocks are made.

What do you think?
I have just about decided I will put the darker fabric as the border and the lighter fabric as the sashing. But I will know more after I cut the fabric and lay it out.

Off to work...

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have got to get myself more organized. I feel like I am running in circles and getting nothing accomplished. Ray keeps telling me I don't have to worry about the move since the movers will pack everything, but I still need to get everything organized. I don't want to move stuff that we don't need or want anymore. I have had 2 of my children move out since we have lived in this house. I don't need to move all of their stuff with me, I need to weed out their stuff and get rig of anything no one wants anymore.
Can I be honest with you? I don't have just a sewing room, I have a sewing house! I have something in every room that should be in my sewing room. I need to get the whole place organized so I can have it arrive in the new place at least sort of organized. There is no need of having 47 boxes of MISC delivered.
I am pretty free with my belongings. I allow people to borrow my stuff all the time. Now I have to remember who all has stuff of mine and get it back. Books, rulers, patterns, quilting hoops; I wish I has a clap on clap off homing beacon on them. It would make my life easier! LOL

Besides the complete feeling on frustration over all that I need to do, I have been sick for the past 2 days. I think I have the flu. I got my flu shot so I don't have the horrid symptoms that everyone who didn't get the shot is having that the Lord for that! I have mostly just been extremely tired and achy and nauseated. Tomorrow has got to be better!


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Quiltathon weekend

I had all intentions of participating in the Quiltathon yesterday, but I forgot I had a class to teach. I intended to come home from the class and sew, but I had to help youngest rake leaves. I intended to sew in the evening, but found I was completely brain dead, so I straightened up my sewing room. Not so much "thoning" huh?

This morning I woke up and decided today was the day. So far I have been working on my Crossroads mystery. I have all the blocks finally in block form. Now I need to decide if I want to put the blocks on point and use sashing. I really do want to make it bigger.
I have gotten a baby top as far as I can until I buy a 1/4 yard of a 30's repro to finish it.
I will post pictures in a bit