Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Planning for fun!

I live in an area that celebrates Mardi Gras, BIG TIME! For those of you who know about Mardi Gras, you know we are in the big middle of the season. There is lots of traffic, lots of lines at resturant and LOTS of people from out of town. Our schools even take three days off for all the revelry. This year instead of trying to avoid all the traffic and drunks we are leaving town.
I think this is the perfect opportunity to go and see my friend Linda. I know, I know we talked on the phone for 6 hours last week, and you are wondering what in the world we would have to say to each other. Believe me we will have no problem staying up late and talking all night and running the roads all day.
Also while I am gone the Super Bowl will be played and Bonnie's Super Bowl Bargello will happen. My SIL (remember my quilt twin?) lives about two minutes from Linda so I plan on joining her for the bargello party. I hope the guys will be able to hear the game over us. :^)

There will be no posts from me for several days, but when I get back I hope to have tons of pictures to share.
Have fun celbrating and watching the ball game.


Monday, January 28, 2008


Paula said:

Yep, I love it! I think your quilt is going to look great! I suppose you've decided to give it to someone in the family???? Ah, it's going to look great in MY house!!!!!!!!!!! LOL....hugs!

Thank you! I hope I can have the perfect place for it in Florida. You know I would love to swap my quilt for one of your quilts (my choice), since you have several that I LOVE!

Roslyn asked:

I love your quilt at the top of the page-are those your hand dyes?

Yes they are! :^) I have been dyeing fabric for about 12 or 13 years and I travel to quilt shows and sell them.

Linda said:

I love your mystery quilt fabrics and it would look good in my house too. LOL Diane, think you did great with all of your purchases and you did need all of that fabric for the backs of your quilts. And think of all the new scraps you're going to have from the sides of those backings.

Linda, you make me feel so much better! I did need backings! :^)

This is NOT my quilt, but I really like it and want to take my scraps and snibbles and make one. Isn't it great?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Confusion from last post...

All the confusion from the last post caused me to forget to show the backing fabric I chose for the mystery quilt. The start to the whole fabric overload and I forget to even show it. UGH! I am pitiful sometimes. :^)
So what do you think? I love it!

I got confused

Ever since my man told me of the move to Florida I have had on my mind clearing out, sorting, packing, garage selling etc. I have been sewing lots, so I can give away quilts and not have to move so much fabric. I went through my patterns and books and sold some, I gave away threads I didn't care to use anymore. I went through my rulers ands gave away duplicates (can you believe I had 3- 12" square rulers and 2 Omnigrid half square triangle rulers?) I even sorted my scraps and made sure they were all organized my strip width. I was so proud of myself. That was where the confusion came in. Normally I am never completely sure of my self. I am always second guessing my decisions. When I was proud of myself I got confused and my brain did a strange thing, it said , "you have been doing so well and you don't have any backing fabrics so shopping online is good!" and then it said "Hey, go shopping with your friends, it's ok!" I tell you I was so messed up I didn't even think twice. I went to Thousands of Bolts..only one nut and didn't even look at the total of the shopping cart just kept putting stuff in. I was walking on air(read head in the clouds) until the HUGE box arrived. I had so much fun going through and looking at what I had ordered. I felt only a small twinge when I saw the receipt and justified it by remembering I had no backing fabrics, especially for my new Carolina Crossroads Mystery.

Then I had to go to a guild board meeting last week. Normally on guild day many of the ladies go to lunch and then shopping. I usually go to lunch with some of the ladies, but I never go shopping, I head to the quilt shop to work. This time after the meeting several of the ladies said they were going to Joann's to use their coupons. I remembered I had mine in my truck so I joined them. When I arrived at the fabric section I saw that all the print cotton fabrics were 40% off. What respectable Linus quilter can pass up 40% off fabric? So I indulged. I go to Joann's about 4 times a year and seldom spend more that $25 so I figured I wasn't hurting anything.

THEN yesterday five of us loaded up in the car and went to A&E Pharmacy in Pensacola FL. Now if you have never been to A&E you might think we went to get a prescription filled or something, but no. A&E has some of the best prices on fabric for many many miles. Why else would we drive an hour with these gas prices? LOL
I was looking for baby quilt fabrics and I found them! I had so much fun I was almost embarrassed.

If you can see the fabrics here, I found a small blue and yellow squiggle on white for a background. Then I found Noah's Ark fabric and a couple coordinates on the left and on the right is alphabet animals with coordinates. Then on the bottom is the cutest backing fabric, it has phrases like Once upon a time, In the Enchanted Forrest, Prince, Princess, etc. I loved it!

Then I was laying in bed last night and thinking about the purchases and nearly fell out of the bed! What had I done? I was trying to DECREASE the stash! I wanted to use up some so the move would be easier! I had more than replaced what I had used in the past month. Plus I had spent more than my self imposed budget. UGH! All I can say is I got confused. Originally when I went to the website to buy a backing for the mystery I got confused and thought I was in the shopping/buying mode. You know how it is, you go to the store to buy a item of clothing for your child and come home with a whole wardrobe since you were there already there and you were in "The Zone". That is all I can figure. I must have slipped into "The Zone" and lost my mind! At least that is my story and I'm sticking to it!

Now I am off to the sewing machine to get busy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Retreat weekend

This weekend was retreat time for my guild. We have 2 retreats a year one in the late summer and one in January. I really like going to retreat with these ladies. We have over 200 members in the guild so we have such a diversity. We have those that are very traditionalist and love traditional patterns and quilt designs and fabric almost exclusively. We have those who are definitely of the art quilt crowd with using hand dyed fabrics and fibers and unique embellishments applied. Then you have those that fall in between who enjoy a bit of both.
Just like the differences in quilt preferences you have differences in personalities. Some are very quiet and then there is the group I fall into which is the not very quiet group. I have tried in the past to be quieter but I feel like someone in a straight jacket, like I am being choked or something. Apparently I am very loud because even when I think I am speaking only in a normal conversational voice I am heard all over the building. I am thinking of carrying ear plugs for my friends. LOL
Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures of some of the stuff worked on at the retreat this weekend.
This is one Nina worked on and I just love. The picture is a bit fuzzy, so it doesn't do it justice. the top has 168 different fabrics that she collected for over a year.

This is a collaboration of several ladies. they are making a civil war swap. Each lady makes 13 blocks exactly alike and then they swap them with the others in the group. I LOVE this block! I had such fun watching as Susan A., Carol B, Kathleen P. and Linda G show off their sewing skills and some ripping skills. How many times did that corner give you fits Susan? :^)

Since I didn't pay to attend the retreat due to family responsibilities I visited everyone but didn't think it right to take my sewing machine and all my stuff. i took some fabric and cut it out and this is what I made from it.

This is another top that Nina started. Great huh?

Friday, January 18, 2008

late night and early morning I need a nap

I can't believe I have been over a week since I last blogged. I have been extremely busy but I can't believe so much time has passed. That proves it I am old! My grandpa told me the older we get the faster time goes...
My husband is in Florida at his new job. My son and I am trying our best to have a normal day each day, but it is hard. We both are real laid back about schedules so we tend to not keep one. LOL Both of us would just as soon have a bowl of cereal for supper as cook, so we have been having sandwiches and cereal quite a bit. He is gonna make some gal a real happy woman some day. He really doesn't care if you cook or not and will go shopping if you ask him, but will also be just as happy letting you have all the time alone as you want. Good Man!

Last night I wanted to talk to my friend Linda who lives in Houston. I have really bad reception in my house on my cell phone so I called her using my newly filled phone card. We talked about everything, husbands; mine is gone hers is recovering from surgery. Children, we both have rebellious middle kids. Grandchildren, she has some I don't, so I am constantly asking about hers. My oldest son is the same age as her youngest daughter and if I could EVER wish for the perfect person for my son to marry it would be her, she very outgoing and vivacious and a very good person, plus she likes to cook! But it is kinda hard since neither is interested in the other in that way. Oh well a mom could at least hope he finds someone like her at least.
Anyway, while we were talking on the phone last night I was cutting and piecing on a baby quilt. I got to noticing I had pieced almost the entire top while we were talking and looked at the clock and almost dropped the phone. We had been talking for SIX HOURS! Instantly I was sleepy and we hung up and I went to bed. I am still amazed that we talked NON STOP for six hours. I told her it proved we really needed to have some time together. With living so far from each other I get to see her once a year and that while I am working the Houston Quilt show. Needless to say we see each other a lot that week, but we both are so tired we really don't get to visit much. I hope to go see her in a couple of weeks.
The early morning was funny. My son gets up by his alarm each morning and usually he calls me to drive him to school about 5 minutes before my alarm goes off. I only set my alarm to go off in case he oversleeps, we can still get there and not be late.
This morning, he called me and I got up and very grumpily got up in a cold house and dressed and went and took my medicine. I then called him which I never have to do to say I was going to the truck to start it. He didn't answer. I called again, still no answer. I glance at the clock to make sure we aren't going to be late and see it is only 5:30!!! We don't leave for an hour! I crawl back in the bed shoes and all!
Finally at 6:30 he calls me and I get up and drive him to school. I told him what I did and he thinks I am nuts. His response was "that's what you get staying up all night on the phone" the same thing I would have said to him! LOL

I have been working on my mystery quilt and I love it so far. I agree completely that if I would have known how many small pieces were in it I may not have made it, but I love it.
I'll post pictures in a bit.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I have been awarded the "You make my day" award by my SIL Paula at A Latte Quilts. My quilt twin, she is always full of surprises for me.
Apparently now I need to award this to other quilters who inspire me. This will not be hard. I have 13 blogs I look at daily. I LOVE seeing new stuff and lots of pictures. Let me share with you these blogs.
A Simple Girl My kind of quilts.
Fibermania Art quilter extraordinaire
Gypsy Quilter traditional quilts
Judi's Crazy World Hand dyer
Pages From Me Her and her twin have similar taste as me and my quilt twin.
My Lime Green Kitchen Judy Laquidara's recipe blog.
Quilting Twin Twin Sister of Artful Sister.
Quilting With Ragdolls We have similar taste.
Quiltville The Bonnie...nuff said!
Sunshine Quilts Super talented and very nice.
Taniwa Quilter in Japan.
Tom Miner Folk Art Speaks to my folk art side.

I worked at the quilt shop today after I got the windshield replaced in my truck (one thing I can mark off my list this week). I cut kits and filled scrap bags. Do you know how hard it was for me a scrap quilt lover to bag up those scraps and not fill my pockets with them? Let me tell you it was HARD! I LOVE scraps. I dug in the box and played with colors until Candy, the shop owner, told me we HAD to leave for the night.

Well I have to go, youngest needs the computer for some homework.


I had a really nice day

Yesterday was quilt guild day. Normally that is just a tad stressful as I am the one who signs up ladies for classes and collect money. If any of you have ever done this job or even watched while this job is done you will understand when I say that on some days the money is being thrown at you and people are signing up while others are telling you to sign them up because they don't have time to stand in line to do it and four ladies have questions for you all at the same time and 2 more are complaining how this is not the class they wanted. LOL fun fun!!
I was expecting this to one of those days since I was starting sign ups for Harriet Hargrave. I expected to be trampled and kicked to the corner while ladies kicked and scratched for the pen and sign up sheet. I am here to tell you I was pleasantly surprised. I have the class almost full and only had two whiners and 14 questions! WOW!I didn't even have any kickers or scratchers! I was impressed.
After the meeting we had country store. This is where the members gather things in their stash that they no longer love and sell them to unsuspecting suckers I mean guild friends. :^)
I took some hand dyed fabric that I no longer wanted in my house. I have had this fabric for a couple of years and I am just tired of moving the box from one side of the room to the other. I really am not a hard seller (I would never make a used car salesman) but I tell those who asked me what ever I didn't sell, I was cutting up into log cabin strips, and I meant it. I sold about half of what I took. I am not sure but I think I took something like 40 pieces so I am pleased.
After the guild meeting me and five friends went to lunch and had a great time. Everyone talked and laughed and had a nice time. I really will miss these ladies.

Right now I am waiting on the glass repairman to finish replacing my truck windshield so I can go work at the quilt shop. While I wait I am gonna go finish my clue #5 of the Carolina Crossroads mystery. I have about 10 more to sew then to press them, and wait for the next clue.

This is a picture of a round robin I did with some internet friends a few years ago. I really like it.

Have a great day!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Way too busy!

I am not sure I will get everything done that is suppose to be finished by the end of this week. I have been able to get some stuff ticked off the list, but I have several things more.
1. I have been working on a baby quilt for my friend's grandson. I have it on good authority that this is definitely the smartest 2 year old. I think he is the cutest, that is only because I don't have my own grandchild. I have the top finished, but now I need to get it quilted, and have no idea what to do about that.

2. I am the workshop chairperson for my quilt guild and I have been working to firm up plans for Harriet Hargrave to come to our guild in March. I have been having the hardest time getting her to answer my emails so I finally I called her on the phone. She was not at the quilt shop so a worker told me to call another number. I called and sure enough Harriet answered. We discussed all the things that needed to be discussed, at least I thought so. I found out later I had forgotten to ask her some very important questions. I call her back and she politely answers them. Come to find out my sweet husband installed a new virus scan program on my computer and all of those emails I had sent her and she had not answered...she never got them! The virus scan held them hostage! UGH!
3. I had to go to the Doctor again today. It seems that every time my doctor draws blood to check my thyroid levels she finds elevated liver levels. Well she sent me to another Dr. and he did all sorts of tests and decided he wants to do a biopsy. Now I have had so many tests and surgeries that I am quite leery when a doctor says "Oh it will only hurt a little". I have decided to hold off on the biopsy until I have had a chance to follow a low fat diet and see if I can get the levels down. If I can't in a reasonable amount of time I will let him do the test, but I want to try first.
4. I am still working on my Carolina Crossroads mystery. I have clue 5 almost finished. I really like the color choices I made.
5. I have taxes to do. YUCK!
6. My truck's windshield needs to be replaced this week.
7. I need to dye fabric.
8. I need a VACATION! LOL

Just to let you know I have not worked on all of these in the past week, but I wanted to show you that all was done from my stash! And they are gifts so I will be able to get them delivered before the move! WOO HOO!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A brand new year...a clean calendar

I love the idea of beginnings, starting fresh. We have 365 new days (well 363 if you want to be technical) to laugh, share, love, and be a friend. How wonderful is that?
I dreaded the idea of the new year since all I could think about was my husband would be leaving on the 6th. But God is helping me to calm down and not be so anxious. (TYL!)
I have been thinking about what I want to do with the last few months I have here in Alabama. I never thought I would feel bad about leaving here, but I didn't factor in the friends I have made here. I will miss them A LOT! So for the months I have left here, I will see them as much as I can, I will laugh with them as much as I can, I will sew, eat and retreat with them. Alabama will not be a welcome sight in my rear view mirror it will be a soft place in my heart. Who would have thunk it? :^)

For some crazy reason I have decided I want to sew as much as I can before I move. In my mind it will be easier to move quilts (or tops in my case) than fabric. I know I know it is all the same weight, but let me have my dreams. LOL So I have started by working on a baby quilt that is all STASH! WOO HOO! I have two more planned that I will be able to make from stash also. Isn't that embarrassing that I can make so many quilts completely from stash? I have another that I saw in a magazine that looks kinda fast and easy and cute, but I may have to buy some background. That is the one thing I never seem to have much of, especially background fabrics for children's quilts. When I make "grown up" quilts I usually make scrappy and so I can use what I happen to have. Children's quilts I tend to try to make them more planned so they are not too visually overwhelming since I use brighter colors.

I will come back in a few and post a picture of the baby quilt I am working on today.