Monday, April 28, 2014

Abandonded in place

I have been away a while...
I have been struggling...

I have been sewing a wee bit.
Pile of 4 patch halves and some pinned
It's been coming in fits and spurts but I have cut and pieced some units for a scrappy Irish Chain quilt. A dear sweet girl that I have loved for years is getting married in June and I want so terribly to get her a quilt made. Some quilts you work on and you don't worry about not finishing on time. This one I WANT to finish and give to her on time. This is important to me.

Doesn't this look like I'm scatter brained?

My ever present pups. :)

I have lost a scrap of fabric I saved for years waiting for the perfect project. It is a Mickey Mouse fabric and this quilt is that perfect one. The sweet girl I am making the quilt for is a former Walt Disney Ranger ( I probably got that title wrong) but she worked/ interned at Walt Disney World during college and has wonderful stories and memories and friends from that time in her life. I want to put Mickey in the quilt so she can search for him.  Can I find the fabric? NO!

Now about the title of this post.
Abandoned in place is a term I hear a lot lately.  It is when a pipeline or section of pipeline is no longer monitored or even used.  They cut all communication lines and leave it in the open or working condition and walk away. They no longer monitor, calibrate or communicate with it.  That is how I have felt for a while. My Mom has been gone for a year now. My father no longer talks. He will answer questions in one word answers but doesn't talk just to talk. It feels like that the first years of my life is forgotten. I have no one who knows me when I was a baby, learning to walk, learning my ABCs, lost my first tooth, etc.
This is why I am having trouble coming to the blog. I tend to have too many depressing conversations in my head and don't want to do that here, although a blog/diary is where you write your feelings and accomplishments.

Ok, off of that and back to the scraps!