Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Testing: Friction Pen and Clover White Marker

I have had a niggling in my thoughts lately about the Frixion Pen and the chemicals that are used to make it do what it does. I have read on multiple blogs about it leaving the fabric discolored. So I thought I needed to do some testing.
I have used the Clover White Marker pen for years to help with applique and marking where to place vines and stems. I got to wondering about the chemicals used in it also.

I will show what I did incase anyone is interested.

Frixion on prewashed fabric
Frixion after ironing

Frixion in freezer after ironing I don't know why anyone would put their quilts in the freezer, but it seems lots of people are afraid of it coming back in the cold. My conclusion was it didn't come back.

Frixion after washing

 All four of the fabrics still show my name after washing in detergent and drying. 

Clover White Marker
Clover White Marker after washing

Even though you can't see it well, the brown batik on bottom shows my name slightly. The red fabric on top doesn't seem to show any residue.
I will be VERY careful if and when I use these pens again. I will use them I am quite sure especially for projects like the dinosaurs I made. You have to mark each piece and sew corners and all so it really comes in handy. I will just make sure I only mark where I am going to trim off.
There is no telling what the chemicals will do to the fabric over time. It may weaken it or discolor it further. I can see more testing in the future.

Hurricane effects

We came back home early due to the hurricane in the gulf. I'm still glad we came home even though it is going to miss us unless the winds change  and come in from the opposite direction. Oh wait, that would be Mary Poppins...sorry she is still on my mind. :)

I have spent the last day and a half cleaning. I never think about the house getting dirty even though we aren't home to mess it up. It is so dusty and needs a great shaking out. All of the windows are dirty and MUST be cleaned.

I am off to Sam's Club to buy a new vacuum since mine is giving up the ghost. While I am there I will buy refills for my Windex Outdoor All in One window cleaner. It really works! Since I am kind of on the short side and can't reach the top of a regular window, my extra tall windows are extremely too high up there. I tried this stuff and it is great!

My goal is to get my house back in order and then attack the sewing room with a vengeance. I have one top at the quilter and as soon as it is finish I will be sending the next. I will be so happy to get those two back, get pictures then send them to the intended children.
I have a couple of baby blankets to make and send. I found cute flannel in PA and thin they will be used more than a quilt, as Houston is hot too much of the year there is no way I would put a baby in a quilt.

The weather outside is windy, hot and humid. The hurricane won't get us, but it is effecting us. I need to go and get back home before I run out of energy.

Quilty pictures soon,

Saturday, August 25, 2012


It's true, I am happy to be home!
Lots to blog about but too much to do before then. Here is a picture of my parrot head umbrella from the Mary Poppins play. I Love it! I have always wanted one ever since the first time I saw the movie. Too cool!
I'm going to look for a pretty umbrella stand now.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Change in plans

We were thinking of going back to NYC today, but thankfully changed our minds to sleep in some.
The shooting in front of the Empire State Bldg. made us rethink. Then I spoke to my friend Lynn and she mentioned the storm in the gulf. Ray did a little looking online and talked to the airlines. We have decided to cut this short so we can be sure to get home.
We have had a great time! It was so special yesterday and last night. I lived almost every minute of it.
More when we get home.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mary Poppins

That was my surprise!
We have the best seats!
The play is wonderful!

Update on NYC

I am so tense!
Ray is enjoying all the "fun" driving he is getting to do. Me? Not so much.
We are sitting in the car resting for a few minutes. We found ONE parking spot and jumped in it. Horns blasting and all! I actually think the space was empty due to the fact there is a fire hydrant not too far from our back bumper. If a police officer comes up we will just have to explain we were too exhausted from all the traffic and had to stop for a short rest.
So all of you praying I get off the cloverleaf, it worked! Now pray we don't get a ticket!

New York

I had no idea what to expect!
Too many cars, lots of people and my husband drives just as aggressive as everyone else!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm lost again

If you never hear from me again check one of the clover leaf things in New Jersey!
I swear you make one tiny turn too soon and you get pushed onto another cloverleaf. I have spent close to 3 hours total (3 different occasions) trying to get off I'd the spaghetti bowls and back to my hotel.
I'm done!
I hope some one will toss me a cracker so I don't starve to death.

Fifteen years ago

I was in Intercourse,PA fifteen years ago with my mom for a quilt retreat. I drove back today since we were relatively close. So much has changed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Jersey

I've just taken my first drive and came back to the hotel empty handed. I will take this as just a test run to see if I could do it!
I wouldn't try it without the GPS as there are so many roads and few places to turn. But at least they have lots of signs and that helps.
I had to stop and get something to eat and so far the choices seem to be McDonalds or Dunkin' so guess where I stopped.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Too much!

 Too much of this:

I am tired of being on the road this summer! I really hate to complain and I'm not really sure I am, but I'm so ready to be home! At least for a couple of weeks until I do this...

At least this will be ALL about me! You knew the selfish side of me had to come out didn't you?  I am going to spend 4 glorious days visiting and sewing with my best quilt friends. I am so not looking forward to the drive, but I am looking forward to the fun.

Right now I am working on this...
Too much fun!
You know I don't mind laundry. But I am so tired of washing, folding then arranging in the suitcase. Which it feels like all I have done this summer. I leave and all of the laundry is complete. Put away, ironed and hung up. I come home and start over. I didn't even get the pleasure of seeing a full closet or drawer.

I'm not even prepared for the retreat. We are going to be making this
Out of this...

I can not wait! I had to make myself work on other projects (when I was at home) and not start playing around with the class project. I did pull some fabrics to see if I needed to go shopping. Of course I did not need to shop. My red stack is probably the smallest stack besides purple, so I was a bit nervous. I don't understand why, but it seems like all of the quilt shops stock the same reds, so I don't have a lot of variety. Or maybe they just aren't making lots of reds? Or maybe it all gets bought up before I get there? Who knows, but I have enough I think.

Karen from Nana Girl Quilts will be teaching the class and I am so excited. She is very talented and has so many great ideas. If you have time go check out her blog.

I MUST GET BUSY! I have tons of work to do and not enough days to get it done. There are changes coming to this house and I want to be prepared! Floors, carpets, window treatments, kitchen appliances! Lots of changes!