Monday, November 30, 2009

Grandma Emfinger's Pecan Pie Recipe

(This isn't a picture of my pie, I found this here, but it is soon as I make one I will take a picture)

1 1/4 cup sugar

1/2 cup dark Karo Syrup

1/4 stick of butter

3 eggs

1 cup chopped pecans

*****Pre cook the pie shell*****

Put the sugar, syrup and butter in a HEAVY pot. Cook on about medium to medium low temperature until it comes to a rolling boil (stirring the whole time). Beat the eggs and add some of the boiling syrup to heat them up, then add them to the pot of boiling syrup STIRRING FAST AND HARD so you don't get too many scrambled eggs. (You will get small flecks of scrambled eggs but it won't taste like scrambled eggs I promise!)

Add the pecan and let them cook a few seconds before adding them to the cooked pie shell.

Put on a cookie sheet, in the oven on 375* for 40-45 minutes. (Don't forget the cookie sheet mine boiled over in the oven!)

Moma said if you don't like it that firm the next time you make, it reduce the oven temp to 325* for 40-45 minutes.

I think I am going to make this for the retreat but put it in a rectangle pan so I can cut it like brownies.

Let me know if you try it and if you like it.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home...what a beautiful sight!

I am home again! Oh how happy I am to be home again! LOL
Laundry is washing away in the laundry room.
Now I need to figure out what I am taking to the retreat...yes another road trip...LOL I am not sure I get to claim a home address anymore! LOL

I have been looking forward to this retreat since last year, but my hind side is starting to talk to me about all the riding in cars.
Ray actually wants to go to Disney tomorrow, but I think I am going to tell him I will stay home this time.
Actually all of the travelling isn't over for either of us.
Joseph and I both are headed to Mobile on Thursday. he will head to a friend's house and I go to the retreat. We will get home on Monday and Ray leaves on that same day for three days. UGH!
Hopefully after that we will all be home for several weeks.
Ray's dad just called and asked if he had anymore vacation time for this year. He replied he had two weeks. FIL actually said, "good, you can come spend a whole week!"

He is staying home with me! We still have boxes in the garage. The front bedroom is full of boxes, and the middle bathroom is not finished.

Enough of that..I am tired of thinking about that stuff.

I made my FIRST pecan pie last week! It turned out really good too! My grandma used to make the absolute BEST pecan pie and she taught my mom how to make it. This year I asked Moma to teach me how to make it. I am so glad too! What makes this pie different is it doesn't have a gooey center and pecans on top. This is like a piece of pecan candy in a pie shell. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Ok, the dryer is going off...

Friday, November 27, 2009


Yesterday was Thanksgiving...and I was (and I still am) thankful for so many things. I learned in church to count my blessings to remind me to be thankful so here goes a short list...

1. Some relationships are mended after years of neglect
2. A mother-in-law who really does love me
3. I have the BEST husband
4. I was able to talk to all of my children yesterday even if I was unable to see all of them.
5. I don't live in Houston any more!
6. I live a pretty drama free life.
7. God continues to provide a good job for Ray and I am blessed by that.
8. I have friends who miss me (that may not sound like a blessing but really it is!)

There really are too many to count but I won't bore you with them all.

Now to get ready for Christmas!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Travelling again

I am on the road again! We arrived in Malvern AR. last night and will be here a couple of days. We head to Houston either Monday or Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving and do a little bit of work on MIL's house.
I will be home a whole three days and I leave again to head back to Mobile for a quilt retreat. I was super excited about the retreat until this trip, now I am not sure how fun the drive will be! LOL
No, I know I will have so much fun, and the drive will be no big deal.

Right now my back is aching, I have a bite on my leg that is killing me (I did some yard work before leaving and got bit by something), and my allergies are raging. My FIL's wife's grand-daughter is on her way over with her two lovely children so I need to take some drugs so I can put on my smiley face.
There is a quilt shop about 30 miles from here I wanted to go to but may not get to go since they are only open a couple of hours today.

Oh well...all's well that ends well...
Pray for a happy ending!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I haven't got lost....

I have just had the worst Internet connections so I have been unable to post.
After 12 days of travelling and visiting I am T-I-R-E-D! But it has been great!!
Just today we have had the great chance to bless a police officer and his family. We happened to be eating in a restaurant and noticed a police officer (in uniform) eating with his wife and two young sons. Ray and I were able to get the waitress to bring us their bill so we could pay for it. Now it was not expensive maybe $40, but the blessing we got from being able to do for someone who puts his life on the line everyday for us. I didn't want the waitress to tell who paid for the bill, but she did and so they all came over to us to thank us. The wife had tears in her eyes.
God has blessed us so much with good health and a job with a good salary and most of all Ray has been blessed with a giving heart.

Then tonight we arrived at a hotel and was unloading our luggage when a nicely dressed woman walks up and asks if we can help her. She said her car broke down and she needs just a few more dollars to pay a cab to get home. Ray (smart man that he is) says he will be happy to pay the cab fare, but will only give it to the cab driver. She says thank you and steps aside saying she is calling the cab and then that he will be here in 15 minutes. We finish unloading our truck and look up and she is gone. Ray said he thought she was going to get her stuff from her car. So we get in our truck and drive in the direction she walked. Guess what, no broken down car, no lady and no cab arrived after 40 minutes. We waited and waited and then went inside the hotel to ask the clerk if she had seen the lady or the cab.
According to the clerk it was a scam...but my smart husband didn't giver her any money so no skin off our nose. But how sad!

Tomorrow we head back to Florida. I am glad to be getting home. I love travelling, but I love getting home.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Too much fun!

I arrived in Houston and surprised everyone...which proves who doesn't read my blog!! LOL

I played in fabric and quilts almost the whole time. Monday was the monthly meeting of Monday Bunch, a group from the Azalea City Quilters who makes Linus quilts, Quilts of Valor, and a couple of times a year quilts for a local Children's home. It was so much fun meeting each one at the door and surprising them! :^)

Right before I left I was telling Nancy how I needed to make a baby quilt while I was in Mobile since my husband's former secretary ( that is not what she is called, but I can't remember the correct term) just returned that day from maternity leave. So we found a top I had made from the last trip and I took it to quilt. She had a scrap piece if batting she had pieced together and already used what she needed from it and we laid it on the top and it was PERFECT! Then we found a pretty blue piece of flannel and put it on the back. All spray basted and ready to go. WOO HOO!

Tuesday was the monthly meeting of the Old Sew and Sews ( I do hate the old part!) and once again I got to surprise everyone. So after visiting and laughing and eating I got serious and started quilting on that top. Between me and several of the ladies it finally got quilted. I did the straight quilting in the ditch and Susan Wray my Aussie friend did the border in a large meandering stitch. Then we scrounged around and found a piece of orange that was JUST big enough to make the binding and I sewed that on.

Here is a link back to the picture I posted connection here at the hotel won't let me upload a picture.

So much happened in Mobile I will have more to blog later. Now I am in Houston waiting on morning rush traffic to die down so I can go see my friend Linda.


Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'm headed to Mobile!!!
I will arrive some time this evening so I might just show up on a few door steps while I am there.

I just found out I get to visit so I am just as surprised as anyone.

See you soon!