Friday, April 30, 2010

Some pictures from my ah ha moment

This first picture shows how I hold the piece in the middle at the seam.

Can you see how the seams lay? The seam line on the thumb side lines up perfectly with the raw edges on the bottom piece. When that lines up then the raw edge on the thumb side will line up with the seam line on the bottom piece.  Drop a pin in there.There will be a 1/4" hang over on each side. Drop a pin in there.

I press the seam open just to cut down on the bulk. You can see how everything lined up and made a good diamond.I had so much fun and they go together so fast I had a BIG pile of them before long.

I hope I was able to explain what I did and I hope you try diamonds.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've had an ah-ha moment

You know when you want to do something out of the norm and you aren't sure you can do it, so you play around with it in your head for a while? Well I did that for the past couple of days and finally decided I wouldn't get anything accomplished until I started cutting and sewing to see if my ideas worked.

I have been skimming old books looking at antique quilts looking for something that inspired me. I kept seeing diamonds. Pieced diamonds, strip diamonds, solid diamonds etc. I tried working with diamonds years ago and it was a disaster. not one of my points matched and all of my diamonds got stretched way out of shape and I had more ruffles than Lays potato chips. So instead of trying to beat a dead horse I threw them out and went on with my life, never looking back...until this week.

I have been playing with 60* diamond. Guess what, I did it! They are going together perfectly. No ripping. I am so pleased.  I think of of the issues I had in the past was I really didn't make an accurate 1/4" seam. That is very important. Now after years of sewing I pretty much get an accurate seam each time. There are many ways to get a perfect seam and I will be sharing some ways soon.

Maybe I will post some pictures to show what I did and how it turned out.

Ok, off to take some pictures...

***I have no idea what I did to the "Ok" above so I can't fix it.****

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I went back

to the The Cotton Patch quilt shop. This time I went to a book signing. I met Kimberly Einmo. Kimberly wrote the book Jelly Roll Quilts & More and she is such a very nice person. I said this yesterday and I really mean it, I don't need another book. I wasn't going to buy it but after listening to her demo her book and rulers I had to buy it and two of the rulers. I felt the need to support her as a designer. I had people buy from me, not because they needed my fabric but because they wanted to support me so I felt the need to do the same here.
I came home and wanted to jump right in the sewing room, but first I had to come blog about it all. I think between the Leader Ender book and the Jelly Roll book I will have lots of fun. 


Thursday, April 22, 2010

I went to the quilt shop

and look what jumped into my arms.

I have been trying to be good and decided I didn't need to buy another book. But I love Bonnie's patterns. I love Bonnie's website. I love Bonnie. So I couldn't put it back no matter how much I said I didn't need to bring home another book.
I have already found a pattern I have wanted to make for a while and I may get it ready for a retreat I plan to attend in August.

I really made a mess of my "stay away from the quilt shop" idea. I know I get in trouble when I go there. If I need something specific I can't find it for the life of me. If I am just going in because I have the time and want to browse, I find TONS. Oh man they had so many beautiful fabrics on clearance for $5 a yard. $5 a yard people! How I was I suppose to walk away from that?  Well, I didn't! Just so you know.

Also I had to replace a marking pencil that managed to walk away at the last retreat. Man I hate it when that happens! I'm sure not one intended to take it, but probably accidentally put it in with their stuff. You would think after all of these months they could have sent out an email saying they found a Sewline marking pencil in their stuff and wanted to return it to the rightful owner. Those things aren't free you know! I loved it and I used mine a lot so I replaced it today.

I need to go work because I managed to stop at a new gardening center also...more trouble...


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It is madness around here! I can't keep my mind on one thing long enough to complete the task. I was talking with my friend Linda yesterday and she hit the nail on the head...A.D.D.

I'm not making light of a disorder since one of my children was diagnosed when he was in elementary school. I know it is a REAL disorder. What I am saying is I honestly believe I have A.A.D.D. which is Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. No I haven't been diagnosed and I most likely never will because I won't go through the tests but....

Long way around to say it is crazy around here.

I have piles of unfinished projects all over the house.

I start in the living room to sort books and magazines and I decide to take on to my bedroom.

I see a shirt that I know Ray will want to wear tomorrow but it needs ironing so I put down the book on the bed and start to iron.

Meanwhile I notice the iron is out of water so I head to the bathroom to fill it and see the bag from the store was not put away and I start doing that.

The phone rings, I drop everything and answer the phone because it could be Ray or Linda and I never want to miss their call.

After the phone call I decide I need to start dinner or it will never be ready. After getting dinner started I head to check the mail and chat with the neighbor about my moss roses (they are so pretty) and pull a few weeds.
An hour later Ray drives up and we chat about our day and I tell him all I have done. He walks in and NONE of what I told him was in a complete state.

I don't get it...

After being disgusted with myself long enough I headed to my sewing room determined to get something accomplished.

I trimmed some 1/2 sq triangles (tons of them!). I made a few 4 patches (a lot!) and I listened to some oldies music.
For those interested, I STILL don't have the baby quilt finished, or the applique project. They are still hanging around on the design wall, flannel backed table cloth thing where they may stay until Baby Erik is 17.
And now there is even a BIGGER mess on the floor! Does anyone want to come help me dig out? I need more ways than one!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Front Porch

Everything is still small and without a lot of flowers but they are coming along. I was told by everyone I talked to, to not waste money buying the larger plants since Florida's growing season is so long. They said I will be cutting back the plants by mid summer even with the small plants. We will be if I have my dad's green thumb or my mom's brown thumb. Daddy can throw a dead stem in the yard and it will come back to life and flourish. Moma can plant a perfect plant in the best soil, follow feeding instructions to the letter and it will die every time.
Here is a close-up of the birdhouse/plant holder Daddy built. I LOVE it and now that he is no longer able to build anything I love it even more. I want to find someone who can build me another one so I can put it in the flower bed and maybe the bird's will actually use it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some sewing

but not a lot.
I have been working on one of the two tops I cut out last week. Too much going on to be able to concentrate.

There has been quite a bit of yard work being done around here. I have cut hedges WAY back and planted some flowers in the front bed. I have several azaleas that need to get into the ground and a camellia bush. Several years ago my daddy made me a birdhouse/planter for my front porch and I have been able to get a couple of flowers planted and added to it. It looks cute on the porch. Maybe I can remember to add a picture tomorrow.

I have a new great nephew! Two great nephew's in three weeks is a lot of excitement. Hopefully the parents will let me post a picture because you really need to see these cute boys!

My youngest son has his first job interview tomorrow. He is excited and nervous. He is rather old for getting his first job, but that is his parents fault. I hope they don't hold it against him. We wouldn't let him work during high school, then we moved as soon as he graduated. Then after we got settled here he applied and applied to no avail. One place even asked him why he was 19 without a job. Oh well, it is what it is.

Maybe I will get to sew tomorrow...hope springs eternal.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No sewing but...

Can you tell what I have been doing?

I have been digging! It seems like I do that a lot lately. Every time I want a fabric it just so happens to be the one on the bottom of the stack. Then I always get too pooped to put things back. I don't think I am alone in this problem, but that doesn't make me feel any better. Misery does love company, but someone still has to clean this mess up! :^p

This strange pile is actually the pieces for two boy quilts. One I will give to one of my great nephew's and one I will donate to Linus. I cut it out from the Turning Twenty Around the Block book by Tricia Cribbs.

I just love these books, and I love Tricia Cribbs. She is such a sweet and kind person.

If you have a copy of this book, Turning Twenty Again, fabric that I dyed (I used to be in business) special for Tricia is in this book. I am no longer in business since moving to Florida, but lately I have been having the hankering for abusing my body and mind and going back to it all. Not today, but I am giving it some serious thought. I still have some designers who call me for fabric but my supply is getting low. Who knows what I will do?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am hoping I will get to do some of this today...

Have a good day!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010


I was so frustrated today with my husband. He was on a business trip all week and today, his day off, he went in to the office. Then he came home and immediately fell asleep in his chair. GRR! I wanted to spend time with him. I wanted to talk with him, I missed him. I managed to work myself up into an anger, as low boil kind of anger. How dare him to be gone all week and then give his off day to work!
Now you got to understand, I am not one of those needy kind of gals who needs a man to hold her hand for every little thing. I also know when it is important work has to come first over fun. But this weekend was the fourth out of five Fridays he has worked. He doesn't get paid for his overtime! I remind him of that!

Then...I found a blog that broke my heart. I am literally sitting here in tears. The blog is written by a woman (35 years old) she has two boy and is expecting another child. Her husband died.

All of a sudden I am no longer angry. I am thankful. Thankful my husband is here with me.
It's all about perspective. Thank you Lord for the perspective.

No sewing to report

With my daughter moving in and all the boxes going from her room (it was used for storage until bookcases were built) into the dining room, it looks a lot like when we first moved in. Boxes everywhere!
She was here long enough to mess up the house then friends called and invited her to go to Vegas for their spring break. Somehow with skymiles from friends she was able to go for less than $50 cash. Anyway she left and my house is turned upside down. UGH.
Joseph and I cleaned the garage (some) and planted the flower beds and tomato plants. Baked, did laundry, ran from an alligator, took pictures of a Sandhill crane family (two little babies) and saw the most beautiful sunsets imaginable.
BUT, no sewing. :(