Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No concentration

There is no concentration going on in my life right now. Once again my husband came home with mind rattling news. His company is going through a restructuring something or other and we don't know if we will be here or not after the first of the year.
How can this be? I JUST got completely moved into this house and have it painted and decorated the way I want. Four years and just a few weeks ago we moved into this house. It can not be time to do this again!
So while I am in limbo I cook and clean. When I cook I don't eat much. I find that strange but I've always been that way. My Grandma Emfinger was the same way. She would cook for all of us (19 ) and she would clean the dishes while everyone ate. She never ate with us. Then when people started getting up from the table she would get a small plate and sit and eat while the rest of us finished. I found myself doing the same thing. I still to this day prefer my food only warm and not hot.
Boy I strayed off subject there didn't I? LOL
What I was getting at is when I cook lots and I don't eat that means Ray does. His doctor will not be happy with us. I think I need to take food to the neighbors.
Maybe this will be a great time to finish up some easy piecing projects. I am way behind on my Texas Flag project. Hmmmm...


Saturday, October 27, 2012

She Lives!

I have finally got to the other side of this horrible virus that is going around. The doctor told me about 65% of her patients that had this virus ended up with a secondary infection and was sick for over 3 weeks. I was a part of that number.
After picking up my husband's prescription we ran into a little shop that has the cutest items for the home. I found this bag and loved it for the cute owls on it. have you noticed that owls are popping up everywhere? They must be the "new thing" this year.
After looking at the price tag Ray told me to buy it. It was 50% off which made it $21. SWEET!
When I got home I discovered this....
It will carry my featherweight perfectly! Now I don't have to carry the stinky black case and this bag has a shoulder strap so it frees up my hands for other things. I can see me taking my FW on plane trips now. I never wanted to take it before since I was sure I would have to hand check it and I didn't want to experience the same that Bonnie Hunter did.  If you don't know what I mean, she had to hand check her FW and it came back to her in 3 pieces. I would cry. It all ended well, but I don't want to go there.
With all the trips Ray and I make I think I will use this quite a bit. I'm happy.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dragging but accomplishing!

I drug myself out of bed today determined to do more than lay around feeling cruddy.
After taking all day to shower, dress and go to the grocery store, I thought I would visit my sewing machine.
I have enough diamonds for a good size sofa quilt. I was able to use about 1/2 of the strips in the 2" drawer and that makes me happy. I would make it larger but honestly I am tired of looking at these strips. I think one if my kids will enjoy it being the size it is.
I practiced piecing the diamonds because duh! I realized about 1/2 way in each piece has to be set in. I am not in live with set in seams but I can do it.
The app I am using to post this will only put the pictures at the bottom so I won't load all that I took, just a completed section and the whole top on the design wall.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Issues... I don't like them!

This morning my husband left for a whole week of business trips. He will be in three places this week before coming home. That means a week of little/no/bad sleep for me. Ugh!

Night before last my left ear was itchy and my throat was feeling scratchy. This morning I woke up achy and whiny with a sore throat...etc. Ugh!

Tonight after being a slug all day and listening to the last of my audiobooks on my iPod I tried to download a couple more to help me make through thus week. Now I don't know how you feel about ITunes but I have a love gate relationship with it. I live it because it allows me to listen to all of my wonderful George Strait music and all of these great books I have "read" over the past two years.
Tonight we are having a fight and it promises to get bloody! It hates my ancient iPod. I have the "classic" mega large iPod that holds tons of music and books. I love it! I use it every single day and have for years. But lately iTunes refuses to see it or it licks up when I try to sync. Every male in my family hates to help me with this problem. I think that is rude!
Before Ray left he downloaded an app to my iPad so I can watch tv. I guess I should be thankful and go back to sleep.

I hate issues.
I hate ear aches
I hate sore throats.
I hate being whiny.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

More stripping

I've continued to use up the strips in my 2" drawer and 2.5" drawer. I really want to use just those and no more. I would love to empty both but since I only need two 2.5" pieces per unit I know I will not make a dent in that one.
I can't remember if I shared where this pattern came from. Several years ago as I was blog surfing I saw this design on Keryn Emmerson's blog "quilting twin" and it was love at first sight.
So far I have 50 units made and see I will need at least 100+ more to make a good size. They go very fast and they take no more thinking than picking dark or light.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fine week

I have had a fine time so far this week. I spent several hours Monday with my friend Karen. We went to fabric stores, lunch and more fabric stores. We even ran into the Goodwill store. We didn't find anything we needed at GW but it was fun.

Tuesday Karen picked me up and took me to the guild meeting. I got to see ladies I can only see if I go to the meetings which may be only once a year if I'm lucky.
While at the meeting, the next quilt show raffle quilt was brought out for everyone to admire the quilting.
Let's see if I can post the picture from this new toy...

Monday, October 8, 2012

I think I found it!

I am staying at the recently remodeled Hampton Inn in Mobile AL. and I do believe I have found the perfect sewing desk.
I have heard for years women telling how they took a solid core door and put it over two file cabinets and always just waved the idea away. I thought it would be too flimsy or not roomy enough or something or other.
The new desk in this hotel room is basically that idea only nicer. I think I will be looking for some nice drawers to put with a sturdy door when I get home. I really like this.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

On the road again

This is what I see in front of me.
I'm headed to Mobile with the husband. It was a fast unplanned trip ( on my part ) so I haven't been able to plan anything with friends. I am hoping to go to a guild meeting but we will see.
I brought my Singer 301 and some strips to work on a mindless project. Let's see if I get any sewing done. ;)
I hope to get a chance to go to the fabric outlet. It's the only fabric prices I will pay. I refuse $11&12 a yard! I have too much stash for those prices.

Ray brought home an iPad Friday night so I am posting from it. I hope it works like the phone. I need easy!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thinking of piecing

I have been beading some bracelets but thinking of piecing quilts.
I have 9 shirts from my father in law that I am still deciding what to do with. I want to sit at my Bernina and mindlessly zoom strips together but I can't seem to go in there.
My mind keeps going to bow tie blocks so I think I will make a few of those with the shirts.
Who knows...