Monday, June 28, 2010

Home glorious Home!

I am home!
We visited three states, Colorado, Utah and Texas.
I saw family members at the reunion, my friend Linda and stayed with my mother-in-law.
I have at least 10 loads of laundry to get through and a kitchen pantry and fridge to restock.
I am so tired , even my exhaustion is tired.

As soon as I get some sleep and some underwear washed I will blog. I have a really really cool surprise, but it will have to wait a bit.


Monday, June 21, 2010


We arrived in Utah yesterday afternoon. After a week in beautiful Colorado it was sort of disappointing to see what I saw out my window. The route we took from Arches National Park to Bryce Canyons was not very pretty. Very hot, dry, no green, very red and brown. I'm not saying it was ugly, just not as pretty as I had been seeing in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. This morning I was seriously suffering the WORST sinus headache I think I have ever had which is saying something because I have had some whoppers. Ray also woke up to a bad headache so I had some sympathy this time. That probably contributed to the not so impressed feelings.

We arrived in Cedar City, Utah this evening so we will go to two national parks tomorrow and Wednesday before heading back to Denver. To tell you how tired and bad we feel, I asked Ray where we were since I am completely lost. His answer was Cedar City, Iowa. I guess I'm not the only one tired and feeling bad. Bed will be very early again tonight, as a matter of fact we have been getting to bed no later than 9:30 pm (local time) every night. We are really feeling old. LOL

I have a report on my class with David Taylor, but since I can't find the cord to get the pictures off of my camera that will have to wait a bit.

This is what we found when we entered our room this afternoon. Ray planned a surprise for our anniversary. How nice.

Later, Diane

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leaving Colorado Springs

We went up to Garden of the Gods yesterday evening instead of going to the conference dinner. We knew if we didn't we would probably miss a wonderful sight and we were right. It was beautiful!

A shot Ray took at Garden of the Gods.

A shot by Ray at the Balanced Rock.

A pretty creek we stopped by while Ray talked with his dad on the phone.

 My father in law and his wife were suppose to come with us but were unable due to her falling and breaking her hip. She is on the mend with her hip, but then fell two days before we left for our trip and broke her wrist.

We are thinking about going up Pike's Peak this afternoon. Then we head to Estes Park.
Now I have to repack the suitcases.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A room with a view

This is the view I have from my hotel here in Colorado Springs.

Now that the rain, clouds and fog has cleared out I can actually see Pikes Peak.

This is The Garden of the Gods from my window. The pictures look hazy, but it isn't. There is a tinting film on the windows and it kind of messes with the camera.

Anyway this is what I have the pleasure of waking up to this week. :)

I went quilt shop hopping yesterday and found a couple of cute shops. I only bought a magnifying lens that sticks to the machine so I can see to thread my needle on my Bernina. I know, I know before you even say it, if I would use my Brother machine I wouldn't need the magnifier because it has a self threader. I just love my Bernina.

I really am feeling old. The eye doctor is having the hardest time finding contacts so I can see clearly due to my astigmatism and I need to see to sew and cut with the rotary cutter. The doctor didn't say it, but I think I have tri-focal glasses...isn't that the ones where you have three fields of vision? Yep, that's me. Now I needed to buy the magnifying glass for my machine. What is next? Oh never mind don't tell me I might just get depressed! :^)

Off to wander the streets. I found two nice looking antique shops I want to browse through.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Can I move here? Really, I'm serious! The high today was something like 53*. I am so not gonna be happy to go home to 95* and 100% humidity.
If you have never been to Colorado let me tell you the air smells so good. You can smell the pine and spruce trees everywhere. The only negative...I can't breath. Seriously I need oxygen! LOL


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Frustrated to the max!

I can NOT stand a thief! If you see something I have and you want just ask me for it. If I am attached to it I will probably give it to you, but don't steal from me!
I landed in Denver all happy because I getting to take the class with David T. and I got everything packed in one suitcase. YEAH ME!
In the hotel I start unpacking and realize there is something wrong. One of my toiletry bags is must have slipped to the bottom of the bag. Nope, not here. Did I leave it home? I'll call Joseph and ask. Nope he says it isn't at home. Hmmm. Then I realize another bag that had some of my supplies for David's class is gone. HUH? It had my red and white Clover iron in it and some scissors and my expensive Precensia thread! Now I am ticked! We call the airlines and basically there is nothing they can do. I have to fill out a form and submit it with a list and cost of the items.
I feel so grossed out. They had to look under my "intimates" to get to the bags. Now all I want to do is go to the laundromat! UGH!

It is overcast and dreary outside but I need to dress and shop to replace the items.
I am determined this week will be great...and on the flight home they will have to dig through dirty clothes to steal anything!!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Anna Williams

Have you ever heard of Anna Williams?

She is a quilter and she makes the most extraordinary quilts I have ever seen. You can check out some of her work here. I met her while in New Orleans at a quilt show I was vending.
Tonya over at Lazy Gal Quilting is working on getting Anna's book re-released or even and expanded version made. Tonya was quite instrumental getting Gwen Marston's book Liberated Quiltmaking II re-printed.
 Over the years I have met and talked with many people who were looking for Anna's book but no one could find a copy. Now if you are interested in possibly getting a copy of a re print or even an expanded version please go to Tonya's blog and let her know.


here, but not here

I have been home, but just not blogging. I have been getting ready for a trip to Colorado and Texas. There was so much to get accomplished before I could leave so I am pleased it is almost time. That means I can stop working!
Class supplies ready (check!)
Handwork for the airport and plane (check!)
iPod loaded (check!)
Groceries bought (not yet)
Food cooked and frozen for Joseph (mostly finished)
Laundry completely done since we don't have THAT many clothes (in the machine, and we will wear our old ratty clothes until we leave in less than 48 hours)
Glasses picked up from eye doctor ( appointment in 1 hour)
Contacts picked up (not gonna happen)
neighborhood watch arrangements (check!)
Joseph's transportation (check!)
medication bought and sorted (check!)
blah, blah, blah...

At the same time I was working to get ready for trip I found out one of Ray's co-worker's had twins and one of them had to have immediate surgery. I NEED to get two quilts made. I surely wish Ray would share with me BEFORE the births that a quilt (or two!) is needed!!!  But alas I will get two made after I return.

I am excited to get to go to my family reunion in Texas. There are so many in my extended family that I have not seen since I married (almost 29 years ago!), so there will be much photo passing. That reminds me I need to get my pictures in order. Add another thing to my list.

I'm taking my computer with me so hopefully I will take some pictures of the class with DT and of the reunion and of course Colorado mountains.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pulling hair out...

banging my head against the wall mumbling. Can you tell I have been dealing with the government?GGGRRRR! Weeks, appointments, classes taken and money spent to get Joseph's license (permit) in Florida. I tell you it is no different anywhere. There are ten people in the building and you ask a question and you get nine different answers. You go online and the links don't work. You call on the phone and you are on hold for 17 minutes and told to go online or in person. (bang, bang, bang, there goes my head again).

Finally we get someone who sounds like they may know what they are talking about. She asks why he took these classes in Florida...Uh, because that lady over there said he had to!  She shakes her head and says he didn't need to. The she looks up his license in Alabama just to find out he has a suspension??? of his license??? Huh?
Call this number and find out what is happening...

Long story shorter, he has his permit. He didn't need to take the $50 course he took. The suspension in Alabama was a snafu, but has been cleared up with some explanation that he didn't have a head injury. Don't ask, you will get a headache if I try to explain.  I am so pleased with my dealings with my local government I think we need more government doing more for us! NOT!

I really need a quiet island to move to and live on coconuts and rain water. I will lose weight!