Friday, September 12, 2014

What have I been doing?

Well to answer that question, a lot! Well it feels like a lot to me, but maybe not to anyone else.  I have been cutting fabric, ironing fabric of course, looking through books and trying to make a plan. I can't seem to stay focused unless I write it down, and then not lose the the sticky note.

I mostly have been knitting. I started some socks when I went to stay with Daddy, for something to occupy my mind while sitting and listening to the oxygen machine.

The sock on the right has the gusset and ready to make the heel. The one on the left is ready to start the gusset. I'm pretty excited about these. I have made the first pair of socks months ago but they were from a worsted weight yarn and only for around the house socks. These will actually fit inside shoes.  :)  I have started and ripped out probably 8 different socks. I couldn't get the toes right, the yarn was too thick, the needles were too small, yada ,yada. These seem to be working out. Fingers crossed!

 My MIL used to be a "fluffy" woman, now she is a pencil thin woman. She gets cold now and also thinks her neck and collar area is "too bony". Seriously, I will NEVER have that problem! Anyway I thought I would make her a couple of scarfs to wear to church. This one I started  to practice on while I waited for some ultra soft cashmere yarn to arrive in the mail.

These are some pot holders I crocheted for a sweet young woman. She is always so happy and laughing and loves purple. This girl even found purple pots and pans! So I made her a couple of these. I want to make some coasters but who knows if I will.

Anyway, the husband will be back home this afternoon from a week long trip so I suspect my stitching time will go back to almost nothing for a while. Gotta pay attention to the man. :)

So what have you been doing?