Monday, February 27, 2012

I am back in my sewing room

I have been back in my sewing room for the past couple of days. What a relief! I was so afraid I had lost my quilting mojo. I have been playing around with a Texas theme in my head and been cutting and ironing fabric. I dug some strips from my strip drawer and sewed them together and tossed them since I had not quite got the method worked out. Cut a few strips and sewed and tossed them, still the method was wrong. Now I think I have it.

I have pulled every scrap and fat quarter out and washed, ironed, cut and sewed until I have stacks of pairs. Now I will pair up my pairs.

Years ago, about 15, I went to a swap class at my quilt guild. We all swapped strips of fabric and sewed them together and then cut them again and swapped those strips. What we ended up with was a really cute Texas flag.  It is just big enough for a wall hanging or a small pillow since it is only about 12" X 17".

My idea is to make a large Texas flag for my living room, one big enough to take a nap under if I want. Since we have decided to make the family room into a Texas themed room I think it will look great draped over the couch.

This was found on one of my last trips to Houston. I wanted it for my living room, but it may end up in my sewing room.

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Anonymous said...

Diane, so glad to see you got your quilting mojo back. Was just about to email you and see what was happening. Good to hear from you.
Linda G