Monday, September 16, 2013

I learn so much from other bloggers

I was reading Judy Laquidara's post from the other day and she was telling about a new yogurt she found at Target.

If you like yogurt any at all you need to run to Target (the only place to buy it I believe) and grab some. It is SO good. I only have one that didn't pass the test and it was the Raspberry one. I don't like seeds and the seeds were left in, but the flavor was fabulous.

My husband really wishes I would quit reading other blogs as it really does make me want to try new things and that means buying stuff. Tough luck on him! :)

My cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery Thursday. I went through my fabrics and have a quilt in mind. She will have radiation and possibly chemo therapy so I want to do something for her. She lives in Texas so I can't be there, but I can pray and make a quilt, so that is what I'm doing.  Her name is Laura if you have a mind to pray for her.

Off to sew,


Anonymous said...

Will pray for your cousin. And when you make the quilt for her remember that it will get lots of washing so make a "utility" quilt...and whatever you make I'm sure it will be loved!
Linda G

Anonymous said...

I found a small soft pillow was my favorite, when I had my mastectomy. The pillow cushioned the car seat belt and other things. You might make one to match your quilt.
Cathy in Kansas