Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thoughts for this year

I know, I know most people do this after Christmas and before New Years Day so they are ready for their NY resolution announcement on the first. This is me though and I am never on time...unless my husband is driving!

I will not make resolutions because once again, this is me... but I will write down things I would like to do this year. Goals.

Personal Goals:

 Be more organized.
 Not just in my sewing room or kitchen, but everywhere. We travel so much now that it seems like all we do is search for items because we can't remember where we put something that we unpacked from the previous trip.  Case in point. Ray looked for 45 seriously stressful minutes at 2am this morning for our video camera. Not fun! He thought he might have left it in the rental car. That is another problem with owning black cases on everything and renting a car with black interior. When and if I ever buy another car I promise it will not have black interior.

 Move more.
Fibromyalgia and RA causes lots of discomfort and I tend to give in too often and say to myself "I don't feel good, or this or that hurts" so I don't go for a walk or work in the flower beds.  I give in way too often.  I really want to get more exercise. I don't want to lose any more mobility.

Cook more healthy delicious meals.
Again, with travel and pain I can go a long time in between home cooked meals. NOT GOOD! I want to get organized (see #1) so I can write up menus and grocery lists so life is easier and the meals are better.

 Go shopping and buy a couple of nice outfits.
I seriously hate clothes shopping. I hate it so much that I have to put it on the calendar and make myself go.

Craft wise:

Get more serious with machine quilting. 
I need to become a quilter and not just a topper. I have promised quilts that need to be finished.
Bead at least one really pretty necklace and bracelet.
I always forget that we have a couple of company functions that I need to get dressed up for and I never have anything pretty to wear.

Knit a pair of socks.
Or two!

Home goals
Paint the formal rooms
Get bookcases for Formal Living room
Buy a small table for the breakfast area
Get some bar stools
Rework the flowerbeds
Put more rocks around lanai
Get floors done!
New ceiling fan for sewing room
Blinds for front door, front windows and back door.

Now I'm printing this out and posting it on the fridge, on my bathroom mirror and  in my sewing room so I can stay focused! Hopefully!


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Anonymous said...

If you do at least one and are able to cross it off your list it's a good feeling.

Also, have a little notebook by your sewing machine and every time you work on a project, no matter how small the amount of time, jot it down. When you look back you'll be surprised at how uch you have actually done.

Linda G