Friday, September 24, 2010

Looking for the next project...

What do we have here? Oh I know! This is from a class I took in Mobile taught by my friend Nancy L. several years ago.

The fabric is really much prettier than it appears here.

Do you ever have days when you just can not understand where you are going with the directions? I can remember two times vividly. This class was one of them. I could not for the life of me get it! I understood the whole concept of Irish chain, but the technique she was teaching was going right over my head. When I left the class that day I folded the fabric neatly and placed it in a zip top bag and just knew I would eventually give the bag to Nancy to complete for a charity quilt.

Today I saw the bag and didn't remember what it was at first. As I pulled it out and examined what I had done and what I had cut I was shocked at how clear I remembered the class and the instructions. The thing I didn't understand that day just seemed so easy and straight forward.

Well I have my next UFO project picked! :) This will make Nancy happy. She has been the recipient of a couple of my "I'll never make this" projects, and always makes them. One of them I saw last month when I was at her house and it was beautiful. I still love the fabric I picked but I knew I wouldn't finish it. It was a bargello top that I got all the strips pieced, cut,and laid out on the flannel fabric and folded it up to transport home. It got jumbled and messed up and I was too frustrated to figure out the layout. She puzzled it out and it is now beautiful.


Vicki W said...

This is a pretty one!

Anonymous said...

Love the fabric and yes, Nancy will be very proud of you.
Linda G

Jo Caglione said...

you're doing SO WELL!