Sunday, October 30, 2011

Big News

I was told my Dad is supposed to go home tomorrow! After several months in one nursing home, therapy facility, mental ward (yep, not a fun story) and back to the nursing home he is supposed to go home tomorrow. I am not holding my breath since every time I am told one thing something different happens, but I am hopeful.
I leave here Tuesday morning. I will stop in Mobile to rest then on to Houston.

While in Houston I hope to get to enjoy the quilt show. I have my camera ready and I am pretty excited. I am going to try and get my Linda to go with me. We always have fun no matter where we are so this will be no different. I have no list to buy from. I have nothing I am looking for. I would like to see the quilts. Connect with vendor acquaintances and eat at Ninfa's. What more could you want in one day?

Maybe after I return from Houston I will visit my sewing room. I know I will have pictures to share.



MariƩ said...

HI Diane
I hope Houston will lift your spirit and inspire you to get back to your sewing.

Anonymous said...

Do hope you get to see the quilts in Houston. But I know your visit there is more to set your mind at ease and see what's really going on. Hope all will be well!
Linda G