Thursday, October 20, 2011

Snap out of it!

I don't know if I am alone, but I found myself in a strange state of mind when it came to my quilting. I found myself reading blogs, A LOT. Not working on any of my projects. Constantly reading Keepsake and Connecting Threads catalogs. Scanning the Sew It's For Sale and Quilters Flea Market on yahoo. Buying fabric or patterns and stacking them in my room and walking back out, shutting the door behind me. One day it dawned on me I was constantly looking for something to buy but not using anything and it didn't even bother me.
All of this happened about the same time everything started falling apart with my dad. So I decided until I worked on something to completion (it doesn't have to be big just finished) I will not look at any more online stores, Flea Market emails or catalogs. No more shopping in local stores and maybe even sell a few things I no longer need.

I have sold a few things. Thank you to those who bought them! I have stayed out of quilt shops and fabric stores. (I KNOW they feel the difference in their tills). I have even stopped reading blogs since reading what others were doing only made me think about buying that doo-dad or fabric.

I can report I am beginning to feel and see a difference. I am having no desire to look at what I can purchase. I looked at a couple of blogs today and found them enjoyable without feeling the need to buy. I am even thinking about a project I want to work on, and it's a UFO so mores the better!

I am headed to Houston to check on my parents and with a little cooperation from the husband I am going to be there during the International Quilt Festival. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking. "She is gonna break the bank!" I really don't think so. I won't lie and say I won't buy anything, but I think I realize I need nothing. I am sure I will buy something though.
This will be the first time since I closed my business that I have been to the show ans the first time in about 8 years that I have been as just a quilter and not a business owner. I think I will enjoy it.

Now, after I have said all of the above...I don't want anyone to think I am so strong, or determined or disciplined. Nope I have been depressed! When I get depressed I become a blob. A slug. A couch potato!
Tonight I went for a good walk with Ray and the dogs. I have cleaned rooms I haven't touched in a month.I even cooked a very good dinner. Mostly we have eaten easy fast meals or salad or cereal for supper.  Maybe it means I am snapping out of it. I hope so!


MariƩ said...

My heart go out to you- I know how it is to be there and how difficult to work your way out- but you have turned around! So just carry on- you are doing the right things.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Diane on the no buying and such. I too have kind of reached that stage so I try not to go to the stores also. Have been trying to make up some of the little doodads that I've found on the i-net and printed out years ago.
Linda G

Anonymous said...

May the force be with you in Houston:-)