Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The gathering

This is the original idea, but I wonder if I need to add one more dinosaur to make it more of a twin size? The way it is now will just be a good nap size.
Im also concerned with the Pteranidon on top. I thought it would look better than that, it just looks confusing to me. Does it look anything like a flying dinosaur? If I get a surge of energy I may pull different fabrics and try again.

We'll see,


Anonymous said...

If you put some sashing and a border it'll make it bigger. I love all the little Dino's.

Will miss you at the retreat, I'll be in California with my little Cady.
Linda G

Laura in IA said...

Cute quilt! Maybe the flying one just needs an eye.

Kim West said...

It is very cute. I saw it for what it was immediately. I agree with Linda that you should sash them and border it....