Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane effects

We came back home early due to the hurricane in the gulf. I'm still glad we came home even though it is going to miss us unless the winds change  and come in from the opposite direction. Oh wait, that would be Mary Poppins...sorry she is still on my mind. :)

I have spent the last day and a half cleaning. I never think about the house getting dirty even though we aren't home to mess it up. It is so dusty and needs a great shaking out. All of the windows are dirty and MUST be cleaned.

I am off to Sam's Club to buy a new vacuum since mine is giving up the ghost. While I am there I will buy refills for my Windex Outdoor All in One window cleaner. It really works! Since I am kind of on the short side and can't reach the top of a regular window, my extra tall windows are extremely too high up there. I tried this stuff and it is great!

My goal is to get my house back in order and then attack the sewing room with a vengeance. I have one top at the quilter and as soon as it is finish I will be sending the next. I will be so happy to get those two back, get pictures then send them to the intended children.
I have a couple of baby blankets to make and send. I found cute flannel in PA and thin they will be used more than a quilt, as Houston is hot too much of the year there is no way I would put a baby in a quilt.

The weather outside is windy, hot and humid. The hurricane won't get us, but it is effecting us. I need to go and get back home before I run out of energy.

Quilty pictures soon,

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