Friday, August 3, 2012

Too much!

 Too much of this:

I am tired of being on the road this summer! I really hate to complain and I'm not really sure I am, but I'm so ready to be home! At least for a couple of weeks until I do this...

At least this will be ALL about me! You knew the selfish side of me had to come out didn't you?  I am going to spend 4 glorious days visiting and sewing with my best quilt friends. I am so not looking forward to the drive, but I am looking forward to the fun.

Right now I am working on this...
Too much fun!
You know I don't mind laundry. But I am so tired of washing, folding then arranging in the suitcase. Which it feels like all I have done this summer. I leave and all of the laundry is complete. Put away, ironed and hung up. I come home and start over. I didn't even get the pleasure of seeing a full closet or drawer.

I'm not even prepared for the retreat. We are going to be making this
Out of this...

I can not wait! I had to make myself work on other projects (when I was at home) and not start playing around with the class project. I did pull some fabrics to see if I needed to go shopping. Of course I did not need to shop. My red stack is probably the smallest stack besides purple, so I was a bit nervous. I don't understand why, but it seems like all of the quilt shops stock the same reds, so I don't have a lot of variety. Or maybe they just aren't making lots of reds? Or maybe it all gets bought up before I get there? Who knows, but I have enough I think.

Karen from Nana Girl Quilts will be teaching the class and I am so excited. She is very talented and has so many great ideas. If you have time go check out her blog.

I MUST GET BUSY! I have tons of work to do and not enough days to get it done. There are changes coming to this house and I want to be prepared! Floors, carpets, window treatments, kitchen appliances! Lots of changes!


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