Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas gifts can be surprising!

I bought myself an early Christmas present. Since my family usually doesn't go the quilting route for my gifts I felt I was safe. Well the book came in Friday and I immediately ripped open the box.

Stop! Why am I so excited?
I was only buying myself the book to add to my collection. I really like Bonnie Hunter and I own two of her books but had never really cared for String Fling as I have enough of a mess in my sewing room without sewing in strings. I have been saving all of my small strings and pieces to mail to a friend since she likes to make crumb blocks. I'm not a crumber either. Not that I don't have everything needed for them, just I don't need the added mess.

Well last night I was a bit on the tired/stressed/aggravated side so I decided I needed some sewing therapy. I love the look of pineapple blocks so I thought I will make me a copy of the pattern and do some mindless sewing.

Hmmm I didn't want to cut any of my strips into tiny bits so what do I do? Oh! I have that bag of scraps! I can dig out a few pieces and no one will ever know.

Do you know what happens when you unzip a stuffed bag? It explodes! This bag weighed over 9 pounds. How many scraps make up 9 pounds?
This is a beauty!
It didn't take very long.
I didn't have to cut any fabric.
The room is a mess, but I had fun and that is all that really matters. 

Merry Christmas!

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