Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years superstitions and thoughts on them...

Whatever you do on the first day of the year is what you will do all year long.  I have heard that all of my life. My mother's side of the family tends to be a bit superstitious so I have always heard all sorts of things that I think are crazy.
1. Must eat black eyed peas and greens for health and prosperity.
2. NEVER wash clothes on the 1st; if you do someone you love will die in the year.
3. No hard labor on the 1st. If you do you will labor all year long.
There are more I know, but I forget.

#1. No one in my house likes black eyed peas or greens so that one is not done. Could explain a lot about the checking account.
#2. There is seldom a day I don't do laundry. As far as I can remember I have done a load of laundry every single Jan. 1st since I have been married. Can you say rebellious? :)
3. I'm not sure if I have ever dug a ditch or re roofed the house on the 1st but everyday is a day of labor around here. There are beds to make, laundry to do (check #2), dishes to wash, etc.

As far as how I opened this post...I did sew. If any of these superstitions have any truth to them I want to sew all year so I'm not messing with that one!

Here is hoping 2013 is a great year with little stress and lots of love!

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