Thursday, April 11, 2013

iPhone, iPad or Blogger app...

I have two blog posts just sitting on my phone and won't load. I can't get them to delete either! So I am trying on the iPad to see if I can screw this up too. ;?)

Yesterday Karen took the morning off work to come see me. We had such a wonderful time! We drove over to Susan's heirloom sewing center and spent a good while bumping our gums (as my Papa would say) with the owners and workers. Had lots of laughs, caught up on gossip and spent a little money.

Today I pack up and head to Texas. My MIL is going to a family reunion and Ray and I are going to drive her and her two sisters. It will be so nice to have them as a captive audience for several hours and ask all sorts of questions.

I sure hope this posts...


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