Friday, May 10, 2013

What I do when I can't concentrate

When I can't concentrate on writing or reading patterns or I don't have the energy to think I refold fabric and make the stacks neat again.
This time I decided I was already tired of the newest fabric arrangement. I can't see them in the closet. I think I mentioned that when I was movingthe sewing  room. 
I thought I would try putting the fabric in the Ikea shelves so I could see them easily. Thinking I might actually use some of the still loved but older fabrics.  
I also sorted the three shelves on the far right into boy quilt fabrics, girls and either. That way when I want to make something for a child I can get right at it without spending so much time sorting through. 

We will see how this works. 

Working on less  than 3 hours of sleep at night for weeks. I'm a walking zombie. When will this get better? Soon I hope.

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