Thursday, December 5, 2013

Merry Christmas to me!

Yesterday morning Ray asked if we had to wait until Christmas morning to open our gifts. My answer was no, we are grown up. I thought he was asking because he and Joseph were going to a gun shops looking for their own "box of fun". I just assumed they would come home with something they didn't want to wait to play with.
The truth is, Ray had ordered me a gift! Cool huh?
I walked into my sewing room and saw a really pretty black box with the word DELL on it. Pretty exciting stuff!
I opened a beautiful XPS-18. If you don't know what that is, well it is a cross between a desktop, laptop and a tablet. It has a HUGE hard drive and speeds like a desktop, it is portable like a laptop and has a touch screen like a tablet.

Needless to say I was very surprised and super happy! My poor laptop has been limping for a while.
Of course with every squeal of happiness there have been groans of frustration. Learning a new computer and new Windows is hard on this cobwebby brain. Maybe by Christmas morning I will be able to play with fewer groans. 😊

I called EQ and since we have moved twice since I upgraded to EQ7 and I have not been able to locate the disk I had to order a replacement CD. Oh well so much for being organized huh?
Hopefully by next weekend I can play with quilt designs I have floating in my brain.

Ok off to learn more Windows 8...
If you hear whining, its just me...or some of the participants in Bonnie Hunter' a mystery. 😊



Cynthia said...

I am so excited for you Diane. It is always nice when you have something that works better than what you presently have. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you. Good luck and have fun.

Quilting Dee said...

Happy Xmas!! I'm battling frustration learning windows 8! Be worth the pain when I finally get there!