Friday, October 19, 2007

10 POUNDS!!!!

Woo Hoo! Ray and I went to the Dr.'s office today to get our Flu shots, while there we got on the scales to see if our healthy eating for the past 3 1/2 weeks has done any good. We each have lost 10 pounds! How cool is that? What a boost to actually see some nice results. I have done Weight Watchers and honestly only ate what I was suppose to eat and lost 7 pounds in 3 months. I was so discouraged. I guess the fact that I know Ray won't cheat, I know I can't cheat.
I was asked today by a lady in the quilt shop what kind of diet we were on. I told her nothing special, just low fat, low calorie. We have been eating only grilled or broiled fish and chicken and loads of fruits and vegetables. It really hasn't been difficult so far. We have only had red meat once and it was in stew with tons of veggies. I have even gone so far as to all but give up Coke. Now that is a BIG deal. We have been trying new restaurants to see what they have. Applebees is probably the easiest to eat at as they have a Weight Watchers menu and it is really tasty. We also have a local restaurant, Cooper T's that makes fantastic grilled fish and salads.
I promised Ray that once a month we would have one meal of his choice. So we went to OutBack to have steak and baked potatoes. We both ended up getting grilled fish saying we didn't want to screw up a good thing. LOL


Paula said...

Yippee!!! and Kudos!!!

swooze said...

Great for you. How much more do you want to lose?

Diane said...

Swooze, I have way more pounds that need to go away than I want to admit. LOL if I was to lose as much as the Dr wants I woulkd have about 100 to go, but realistically if I lost 70 I would be doing cartwheels!

doni said...

Hip hip away!!!! :> or rather "hip hip hooray!" Congratulations on the wt loss. Good job!

Have fun at Houston! Your fabrics are gorgeous.