Friday, October 19, 2007


Well Ponchatoula was a wonderful show and I had a great time once again.

I just love seeing the quilts up and down main street. Doesn't it have a Mayberry-ish feel to it? Can't you hear that whistling and imagine Sheriff Taylor taking Opie to the fishing hole? This imaginary town is one I could live in! If it existed, that is.

Now that this show is history I am home busy getting ready for Houston. I would be finished except I was not able to get to my sink for several days. Here is the ready?

Ray and I came in the house a couple of days ago and a smell hit us as we walked in. It smelled like someone threw some spoiled food in the trash but didn't take it out. We looked, we sniffed, we poked around, but nothing. So I think maybe it's the fridge. Maybe something old was in there and needed to be cleaned out. Nope, not in there. Finally I open the cabinet under the sink and there it is! There has been a leak and the smell is the wet paper lining the cabinet. UGH! GROSS!

Now my husband can fix anything in the world he puts his mind to fixing. Key words being "puts his mind to". He does not like doing plumbing! Knowing this, what do you think are the only real repairs we have had to do since moving in this house? Hot water heater, dishwasher, multiple toilet (one of those being a complete overhaul), and now the kitchen faucet. LOL. The poor man can't win for losing! Has my stove (electric) gone out? No. How about my dryer? No. Only things that deal with water and water connections. Even our last house we had a water line bust under the sink and flood the whole house, but that is another story.

Anyway, Ray works for a couple of days and finally gets it all fixed as there is rusted bolts and drilling out of said bolts to be done only after he has worked 10 to 12 hour each day and before the local hardware store closes. But my man comes through once again and I have a new faucet. WOO HOO!

All of this said to explain why I am still working on dyeing fabric. I have only one more dye day and I will be done, but then I still have to rinse and iron. But I will do my level best to get my Turning Twenty fabrics in the dye today so I will have Saturday and Sunday to rinse and Monday through Wednesday to iron. All the while I have 2 baby size quilts that I need to quilt and bind. My friend Linda G is binding my Clam shells quilt. Isn't she too great? There are not many people I know who say to me, without me asking mind you, "Hand it to me and I will bind it and bring it to you on Monday". Now that is a friend! I have two quilts to drop at the long arm quilter today and then I will need to bind them. I will then be finished and ready for Houston. Do you think I can get it done by Thursday and be able to leave Friday? Man I hope so!

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