Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The check is in the mail

Linda Green if you are reading this I will put the check for the retreat in the mail just as soon as I find the letter you sent me!

I got the letter, then I set it down to start packing for our marathon drive to Arkansas. I remembered I didn't mail the check in the middle of the second night after we arrived. Then I worried I would forget about it and I would forget to mail the check and wouldn't get to have fun at the retreat. Now I am home and I need to look for the letter and mail it but I have a headache and it is almost midnight. I hope I remember to look for it tomorrow. I will try to write myself a note.

Karen Fellows, if you happen to read this...I want to retreat this summer...please. I don't remember when it is, or even if I am able to attend, but I would like to hear from you if there is an opening.

I miss my friends and I would LOVE to spend some time with them. Hopefully I will get to this summer, but if not I am determined to find the retreat letter and mail the check in the morning. Maybe I will even have some show and tell this time. Ok Ok, ladies in Mobile you can get off the floor and stop laughing at that last statement. I could finish something... I really could...but first I need to stay home huh? :^)




Linda said...

Okay, finished laughing and now will tell you that I have your placed saved for the retreat. Hope you will be able to come to the summer retreat...we miss you!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't say this but your place is reserved.

August 21-23 newsltter has info
registration is in June

I don't have your new e-mail address