Tuesday, April 28, 2009

home and alone

We are back home. and I feel so alone.
We drove 17 hours to Malvern Arkansas to celebrate my father in law's 80th birthday. There were my husband, me, two of my children. My SIL flew in from Houston on Thursday and my other SIL and her husband and baby daughter came in on Friday night. That is eight new people in a house hardly big enough for the two that live there everyday. I mean it is a small house.
I love my family. I mean I REALLY do. I have never really felt like an "in-law" with any of them. I mean when they start talking about growing up and the things they did I realize I wasn't around but other than that I am just one of the "kids".
I miss my sisters-in-law. They are the funniest most fun loving people you could ever spend a weekend with. We laughed so much we cried.
The guys were in our car and the girls were in Judy's. Judy is not like my husband her brother. She has no problem not knowing exactly where she is going. She will eventually get there...maybe. LOL
We went up the mountain, we saw the bath houses, we took a million pictures, partied with a loud biker gang. We actually we partied when the biker gang left the mountain and we got our hearing back. LOL

OH man! I just remembered I have to go return the rental car...

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