Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Limping along

My computer is back to working, but of course now I have to load all of my stuff. I don't have my camera drivers, any of my pictures or even any way to tweak my photos.
It is aggravating to try and do anything because I will click a button to try and check something and it isn't there. UGH! I am a slow, very slow learner.
I hope to have my computer back to its proper state soon.

I have not even made it into my sewing room so I have nothing to share, but I have been reading another Davis Baldacci book. The book I am reading now is called "The Collectors" and it is really good.

I have been reading blogs yesterday and today and I have been inspired to go in my sewing room. So I am off to see what trouble I can get into.

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