Monday, July 19, 2010

In my sewing room

I have been working. For some unexplainable reason I have had this need to work on and finish (get into top form) several UFOs.

I got my red white and blue Bricks and Stepping Stones all but finished. It tuned out much better than I thought it would. I still have to put the border on, and had planned on doing it this weekend end. After the rude behavior of the cashier at JoAnn's I left without the border fabric and promised myself I would search for another JoAnn's to give my business to. I need to talk with the management, but decided I was still to mad.

The Trail Mix ( I need a better name maybe?) top has been up on my design wall and decided I wanted to make it bigger for my King sized bed. So I decided which blocks I need to make and have been working on those. I do believe this is going to be a very favorite quilt. I will pay to have it quilted, I like it that much.

There are two other UFOs I have gotten a bit farther along on but may decide to give them away as I no longer love them...we will see.

Lots of culling going on. It is weird, it is almost like the nesting thing that happens when you are about to give birth. I have been going through and sorting out things I no longer love, cleaning out shelves and drawers.  I NEVER get rid of old magazines but have a stack to give away, and  I would rather stub my toe than get rid of one of my books. I have a small stack of books to give away. I feel like a stranger is taking over! LOL

Ok, now that I have this typed I am trying to locate my pictures to upload, and I can't find them...where did they go?
Ok, now I have to go look for them...
I'll be back!

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Mimi said...

I love going through quilt magazines during my down times, looking for inspiration. You could send them my way... wouldn't want you to have a terrible accident because they are in your way!