Thursday, February 17, 2011

Accomplishments, confessions, cleaning and youth

The Trip around the Stash is actually all sewn up into a top but this is the last picture I took...
 I just KNEW I NEEDED new rotary blades. I KNEW I was out. So in Houston I bought some.
 Here comes the confession part...I cleaned out the bottom drawer of my "stuff" cabinet, and I found LOTS of blades. Shhhh don't tell Ray!
 I have been re-working my stash closet into a more usable arrangement. I put the blacks and white and white on whites that I use less often on the top shelf  that I can only get to with a step stool. The I put the civil war fabrics on the shelf the blacks and whites were on.  I also cleaned up the ever growing pile that I tend to get in front of my shelves. :)
 I put on the design wall a turning twenty again set of blocks that I finished while in the hotel last week.
 I emptied 5 count them FIVE plastic boxes! Woo Hoo! These were scraps and pieces that had been shoved into these boxes before the move. They are the sizes I hate to deal with. Not really enough to put back on the shelves, but too big to put in the scrap pile. So what did I do with them? I returned most to the shelves and put the rest in the scrap pile! Smart.
 This is what the young ones do on their day off when the don't feel well.
Now I have to sweep my lanai as it is gross. How do leaves and sticks and dirt get into a totally screened in area?



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your cleaning out!!! We know where to go when we need rotary blades.

Vicki W said...

You have a lifetime supply of blades! Awesome!