Monday, February 14, 2011

Back home

I am back home after a trip to Houston with my husband. I got to spend two and a half fun filled days with my bff Linda. :)
We had fun walking the aisles of a nifty antique mall. Trying to stay warm on the coldest day I have ever witnessed in Houston. Blowing rain and ice makes for cold toes, but it stop us from visiting Sonic for happy hour!
I got to see the cutest little boys in the world! I have no grand children (yet!) so I love to visit her little ones and get some "aunt" time. Right now they are in the throws of a war in pre-school. Star Wars war that is. The class gets to dress up like any fairy tale character they want. The only criteria was the story had to start with "Once upon a time". Well B4 (the oldest grandson) raised his hand and asked if he could be Darth Vador. The teacher asked if the story started with "Once upon a time" and B4 starts with "Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away..." He figured that was a modern version of "Once upon a time".  LOL! This is a FIVE year old! How cool is that?? The jury is still out on if he wins his case.

The little brother Benjamin (2 yrs) is pretty well read on Curious George. He didn't fall for the changing George's name to Micheal or Edward. He is a pretty great guy with a wonderful smile and laugh. Just makes you want to hug him.

I came home to a strange house. Right before we left our daughter moved back in. Not too big of a problem, it is just she tends to do stuff, then tell you about it later. I came home to my sewing room being a dumping ground. Stuff I had put in the middle bedroom closet (her room) for storage managed to be put in my sewing room. The house is still in an uproar from the last time she moved in. I am not sure I will survive if I don't get my sewing room sorted out quickly.
I guess I better get started.


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