Friday, February 25, 2011

Man! I'm glad I got my Flu shot!

I have been sick for the past 5 days! Not too bad really but mostly just nausea and exhaustion. I mean EXHAUSTION. I have done little more than sleep. No eating, only sips of liquids, just sleeping. I'm very thankful since everyone at my husband's office have been very sick. All the grown men who are too tough and "don't need no flu shot"...have missed a week of work with unmentionable illness.  I am so glad I got my flu shot.
Yesterday I got up and showered...SO NEEDED...and tried to put some clothes on. My pants were way too big. Not a good way to loose weight, but I will take any weight loss! :)

No sewing since my eyes have been closed, but I did dream of sewing. Does that count? It will have to.
Today I will reacquaint myself with my sewing room. The last time I was in there I had just straightened all of my fabrics and moved shelves around. Since then more stuff has been dumped in there so I will have to wade through and reshuffle...again. Man I want to play not work!

I have shopped online for fabrics and do dads that are on sale at Connecting Threads and, then deleted the carts since I am overflowing with fabric. Sometimes a gal just needs to shop.

Off to put on my hip waders!

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Anonymous said...

Know how you feel about getting into your sewing room. I'm not sure I'll even remember where mine is when I get home.
Linda G