Monday, May 2, 2011

How many quilts do you need?

That was asked of me the other day.  I was asked why I make so many quilts(tops).  My answer was simple. I make quilts (tops) because love them.
I have been pondering the question since then.  I think I have an answer besides loving them.

I have tried other creative outlets over the years. I learned to embroidery years ago from my Grandma. I was never very good at it, but I made a small dresser scarf. After I married I learned to cross stitch and got pretty good. I made a beautiful Indian Chief for my FIL. I took a few painting classes and made a few items for family members. I went back to cross stitching after my last child was born since painting and a small baby didn't go together well. After my youngest was about 3 years old I took a quilt class. I was introduced to quilts when I met my husband's grandmother, Dora. She made the most beautiful quilts. She was very meticulous in picking colors. I think she loved applique the most since most of her quilts were appliqued. The fancy lady with the parasol, butterflies, kittens in hats just to name a few.
When Dora told me about quilts, there was a sparkle in her eye. She tried her best to teach me, but I wasn't ready yet. I loved them, but wasn't ready to make them. The seed of quilting was planted. I thought about it and dreamed for many years.
Back to the question and the pondering and the answer. I make quilts (tops) because I like to. I like to play with the fabrics, pick a pattern, iron and cut. I love all the parts of making the quilt top. I wish I loved the quilting part, but I don't. Today I don't love the quilting part, but maybe I will learn to at least like it. Right now I will continue to make tops until I run out of fabric, and that will take a very long time.
How about you? How many quilts do you need?


Paula said...

Just one more.... With this Texas weather, we certainly don't NEED them to stay warm, but I NEED to make them, just because they please me. I remember watching the old Disney movie, So Dear to My Heart and the grandmother says that she won't sell her quilts, because they bring her pleasure. Yep, I agree with that grandma....

pirate said...

I'm leaving a legacy behind me when I die. And no, I don't think that is morbid. :-) I know that sewing & quilting & needlework is my talent. I'm fortunate that my talent leaves behind physical things. My Mom's talent was cooking. OH MY! Could she cook! But once the meal is consumed, there's nothing left. My quilts will be physical pieces of me to keep my loved ones warm, even when I am no longer here.

Besides, I *gotta* use up my stash!

Anonymous said...

Diane, I love the sentiment! And I need a lot more quilts because I just bought a lot more fabric in Paducah and I actually have plans for some of it.

Those quilt tops are summer quilts and you actually need those in don't need all that batting and stuff!
Linda G