Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another check mark!

Another UFO bites the dust!
This feels great! Looking around at all of the "kits" I have ready to go I could do this a lot more, but I know I will not keep going at this rate. As a matter of fact next week I will get nothing done as I will be back checking on my parents. No sewing gets done when I am visiting so I have stopped even taking it with me. I used to take my Featherweight and something to work on just to schlep it all back home untouched. Now I don't even pack it.
But I am so pleased with all I have accomplished son far. Yeah me!

Today I have been hanging rulers near my cutting table. Tired of always searching through stacks of rulers to find the one I want I have hung them within reach. Hopefully this will help with the chips on the corners from dropping them off the cutting table while looking through them. Rulers are too expensive to ruin with being so unorganized.

Also I have been going through stacks of blocks. I don't know about anyone else, but I always, no matter how well I count, make one or two blocks too many. Probably has to do with my chaotic and spastic sewing attitude. :) Anyway I have a stack that has accumulated and I am trying to see if I can make a scrappy block top out of them. The jury is out but I am trying. Pictures to come later.


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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you and you are definitely an inspiration to me to start on more of my UFOs when I get home.
Linda G