Monday, January 23, 2012


Airline security, family, friends, more family, responsibilities, hugs, exhaustion, stress, tears, laughter, TSA clearance, long noisy flights. That just about sums up last week.

Laundry, grocery shopping, meat market, baking and menu writing. That is the goal for tomorrow.
I HOPE to go into my sewing room after that.

While away my MIL gave me some blocks her mother put together. I brought a few home and hope to carefully put them together into a wall quilt for her sister and a small sofa quilt for my MIL. She was surprised that I would want to do that for her, I don't know why.

Pictures coming as soon as I find where the camera landed after unpacking.


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Anonymous said...

Isn't airline security great? Doesn't it make you fell really safe? ...... not. Just went through it myself.
Linda G