Monday, March 19, 2012

This little quilt of Ray's

This cute little pattern Ray picked out and I said, "Sure I can do that! It's just HSTs." Ha! It is eating my lunch!
The pieces are so small and my fingers aren't as nimble as they used to be so I have to be slow and deliberate when ironing and pinning and piecing. If not, I will be doing more ripping like I had to last night. The tiniest amount being off will make one piece not fit the next.
Last night I discovered, my 1/4" may be fine for larger pieces but for these tiny 3/4" HSTs it is way off. If this was for anyone else I might say forget it, but I am going to find the perfect 1/4" allowance and mark it with something. I have been using my special Bernina foot but it seems to be off by about two threads. Like I said that isn't much when your dealing with large pieces, but I'm not and it does matter here.
I may pull out my Featherweight and see if I can get a correct seam allowance easier.

I have lots of the pieces pressed and ready to assemble, but just that takes quite a bit of time for each one. I will have to time myself to know exactly but it isn't just slap it down there press and go.  I even had to retire my favorite little iron that sat next to my sewing machine. Since I press after each seam that is sewn I spent more time getting up and walking across the room than sewing. The only Rowenta iron that I owned and didn't spit died. I drug out my travel iron and it is okay, but the tip is really round instead of pointed. I will have to get used to it.

These finish at 3 1/2" each.
I think I will make some just a bit larger and see if I like them better. :)
It really isn't that bad. I am just doing everything so much different that I normally do them. I decided since they were such tiny pieces I would follow the directions to the letter and see if I could get them to come out right. That means making the HSTs with paper, pressing each seam open and lots of spray sizing. All of which are different for me.

Okay, off to get something accomplished today!



Cynthia said...

Oh Diane, you have such patiences, but after all it is for the hubs.It is going to be beautiful and well appreciated when you are done.

Anonymous said...

Diane on my bernina I use the 1/4" foot but then I move the needle position, usually one click to the right is enough. That way I can use the edge of the foot but it is a true scant 1/4" and I can stay more consistent

Good Luck