Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why do we always put off until tomorrow what would be cheaper to do today?

I had to go get a new Passport photo today. We have needed a new one for several months. That is how long it has taken to actually pull into the pharmacy and get one. Did we do it back in November when we first realized ours would expire at the end of March? Nope
Did we go in January? How about February? No, we had to wait until March 22nd. The same day Ray found out he had to go to Canada on business. What would have cost about $100 (yes isn't that outrageous?) is now costing almost double that. (even more outrageous!)

I assumed since my passport needed to be renewed also we would expedite Rays and mine would go on the slow boat since I don't have to go with him. OH NO! We must do mine that way too. Now we are up to almost $400, and we haven't left the state yet! Now I can't wait to find out much the airline tickets will be.


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