Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I can't get shed of it

Have you ever been so dogged by a thought that you couldn't, as Granny would say, "get shed of it"? I have at least 500 other things I could/should be working on but I can't get the thought of making a baby quilt out of my head.
 I tried to work on Ray's quilt, but my mind kept drifting and the next thing I knew I was thinking of a baby quilt.
 I tried working on a ring for my daughter, but couldn't keep count due to the baby quilt.
I even pulled out my Texas flag strips and sewed a couple of them, but once again, the baby quilt filled my head.

I have been squirreling away a stack of "kiddie" fabrics. My idea was one day I would make my grandchildren an I Spy quilt. I have no grandchildren and no prospects of any but this overwhelming urge to make the I Spy quilt has a hold on me.

Just thrown on the design wall

Dental dinosaurs

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty little ball of fur...

the only kind of flying bugs I like


reminds me of my silly dogs
I cut my hexagons very large thinking if it went together quickly and well I could always make another one only smaller. So far it is going well, of course I only have two star points on opposite sides so far. We will see how it goes putting them into strips then all together.

Cutting was easy. Years ago I bought a Omni-grid hexagon ruler and when I was working at the quilt shop in Mobile I bought a Super 60-degree ruler for a class. I never got around to the since I was working but the ruler was perfect for the job.
I have had lots of issues lately with fresh fabric (not pre-shrunk, fresh off the bolt) running a bit and or shrinking more than average when hit with steam and the iron so I have taken to prewashing. This is new to me since I have never really bothered with it unless I was going to fuse something. Since I hate fusing you can guess how much of my fabric has been prewashed.
I hate wasting and hour washing and drying fabric when I am eager to cut and sew. I have a wonderful setting on my washer that is just rinse and spin. It uses about 3-4 gallons of water and 22 minutes. God bless the one who thought of that setting! My washer spins so well that they get popped in the dryer for about 7-8 minutes and I am off to iron and cut.

I can't guess how large this will end up being as I can't figure the angle and all, but then I'm not really concerned about size either. If it ends up being huge then it will be perfect for a tent or picnic spread.

I guess this has been enough of a break, I need to get back in there.


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Anonymous said...

I finally finished my hexagon I Spy and I love it. Have some extra hexies left over and am going to put that together someday.
Linda G