Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trying to stay in the light

I've been feeling weird for the past several months and it has been crazy for everyone who lives with me or talks with me on the phone. With my dad being in and out of hospitals, nursing homes, back and forth from his house and now permanently in a long term care facility I have been fighting hard to not  go into a depression. I have not been completely successful, but I am not down in the bed, crying either. I'm doing ok.

On to happier things!

I have been following a series of posts on Fabric Therapy about stash organization. It has been wonderful. Teresa has put a LOT of time in this series and it shows.  I will probably be refolding my fabric after this.
Do you remember when I was preparing to move and I refolded and sorted all of my fabric? Well I loved the results but I always felt it was exactly what I wanted. I knew something was not right and there was surely a better way. I think the way Teresa folds her fabric may be the answer. I think I will do my Civil War fabrics that way and see what I think.
I will be changing my design wall a bit too. When I put my wall up several months ago I didn't get it quite straight and it bothers me. I want to fix that and buy another piece of the insulation to add a small section so the whole wall is covered.
Have you ever heard of the Aunt Becky quilting tool? It is supposed to help with the under hand and make it easier to quilt. I have never been able to do the rocking stitch and with this tool you don't have to. If it works I will be a happy camper. If you have tried it, do you like it?
I have so many tops that need to be quilted, so I hope I can get the stitch going and it works. I'll let you know.

Later gator,

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Anonymous said...

Am going to check out the fabric folding you talked about. My fabrics get all crazy in a short time. What size do you relegate to your scrap bin and not fold on your shelves?
Linda G