Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wash, Fold, Repeat

     I have been on a cleaning jag in my sewing room. I never seem to be happy with my sewing room. I change it and think it might be the right way then after a few months I am seeing problems. Right now I have two adjustable height tables. One for ironing and one for cutting. Well that was the original plan, but I have noticed a trend. I am actually ironing on a small pad to the right of my machine and cutting on a mat to the left of my machine and the two large tables are over flowing with fabrics, patterns, magazines, books, rulers, etc!
     So basically I could get rid of the tables and not lose any space. Why do I have them? I don't know. I guess I thought I still needed them. I originally used them when I had the business and they were perfect. Now I don't iron large multiple yard pieces and I don't cut from 100 yard rolls. I think I will keep the cutting table because I do like having a large area when I am cutting, but the ironing table can go. It is just a catch all. I think the ironing board with my home made big board will be sufficient.
     If I put a shelf unit where the ironing table was I can get stuff put away. Maybe. What i have found if I might have all of my fabric in the closet, but as I search through and pull fabrics I tend to put them in the floor in front of the shelf. This creates another issue. The door can no longer shut and I have a huge mess in the floor. Honestly what I need is an assistant who goes behind me and cleans up after me. Refolding the fabric, clearing off the tables, turning off the iron...sounds a lot like a mom or wife. Well, not my mom, she would make us do it ourselves, but maybe a wife. That's it! I need a wife! If I had one I could sew all day and she would have dinner ready when I got hungry! She would have the laundry done and the magical underwear drawer would be full again. But if I had a wife...my husband might get ideas...never mind!

Ok, back to the sewing room to wash, fold and repeat. Pictures soon.


PS. Thank you to all who were concerned with my "blues". Today I feel better, we will see what tomorrow holds.

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