Thursday, October 17, 2013

New walking foot

Here is the new walking foot installed. I guess for the average person that is no big deal, but I have always had a time installing the walking foot on the Bernina. Fat stiff fingers don't help. :)

I played a bit seeing if it was all that and a box of cookies. Hoping I had not just spent a lot of fabric money on something that wasn't fantastic.


picture showing stitch in the ditch on the right side and echo stitching on the left
For the first time ever my straight lines are straight! No bobbles and no wavy lines.  Plus this walking foot contraption is much quieter than the one I bought 20 years ago. MUCH quieter. I asked the dealer back then if it was supposed to make that much noise and she told me yes, but I don't believe it. It sounded like a loud clickity clack each time the needle bar went up and down.
Maybe with this quieter one and the stitch in the ditch sole I will enjoy quilting more and get some tops out of the closet and off the UFO list!

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