Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When you really must get it basted!

A girl has to do what a girl had to do!
I basted this quilt in the hotel room on the bed.
Pinning the backing wasn't difficult. 
Spray basting was just a tad irritating.
I opened the window, turned on the A/C, turned on my portable fan blowing out the open window and turned on the bathroom exhaust. 
I sprayed the batting to the backing and left the room and sat downstairs with my iPad,
Sprayed the top to the batting and left the room, downstairs again. 
After a couple if hours it was done. 
I was surprised at how little smell the spray baste had. I usually baste outside on my Lanai so I never noticed a smell. Now I know it's because it has a very low odor. 
I don't recommend this to others so don't think I am saying this is a good thing. I was VERY careful but  I'm sure I will get my hands slapped by someone. 

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