Monday, November 4, 2013

No sewing here...

I've been home some but so has the husband, so no sewing (in the sewing room). I have knitted, and torn the papers from my Pineapple Crazy blocks, but no actual sewing in the sewing room.

I took my Bernina in to be looked at. The man at the shop was born in Switzerland and spent his first  working years at the Bernina factory and now repairs them here. It was beautiful to watch someone so familiar with a machine work. He asked me what the problem was and before I could finish my sentence he had started opening things, listening to it sew, feeling of areas, removing more parts, listening, pushing buttons. He said "your gears are worn". I looked at him and almost blushed! I almost said, "I'm sure yours are too at this age!" but then realized he was talking about the machine. He said that is very common for these machines and may not be too much of an issue. He might can just tighten everything up. I said, OK! Then he said, but they could be worn too badly to tighten so they might need replacing. My heart sank. I got this machine for a song, so I don't mind paying to have it repaired, but I also know Bernina is well known for costing an arm and a leg for not just repairs but parts and pieces.

I asked for an estimate if it was the gears and they did have to be replaced. The price made me wince a little but then I remembered the price I paid for it and added together it still didn't come to the value of the machine on the resale market. I HOPE this is all it is and I will have it back in a short amount of time, but we will see.

While Ray was home we went to Disney twice! Yep twice. I definitely need new sandals. My feet and legs haven't hurt like that in years. It could be I need to loose the equivalent of a small child in weight but I like the idea of trying new sandals first.

It was food and wine festival time at EPCOT so we had lots of happy parents and grandparents. I heard a couple of time while at the Magic Kingdom, adults strolling little whining kids around and a parent say "when do we get to go to EPCOT?" LOL
To tell the truth, during Food and Wine festival you do see much less adult whining and meltdowns.  I'm just saying.

Today...I MUST SEW!


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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Hi Diane, can I ask where you get your machine serviced?? I have a Bernina, but my dealer moved, and I am not sure where else to go. You actually might be too far from me, but I'd still like to know about a good Bernina service man.