Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm a topper...or and enabler

I love to quilt. Well to be totally honest I love to top. I will think about, plan, design, pick fabric, cut and piece and love every bit of it, but as soon as I get it to top stage I am happy. I feel complete and move on to the next one. WHY?? Why don't I feel the need to quilt the top? Why don't I desire to put the binding or label on it?
I know a lady in my guild who for the most part finishes each quilt before starting a new one. Sometimes I wish I was like this. I have to make myself get the top out and either quilt it myself or take it to the long arm quilter. But I would be just as happy leaving it in the top form. You see it is all about the designing and the fabric and the colors and the piecing. Quilting is not the important part.
Same thing with dyeing fabric. I love to dye fabric. I love to pick the colors, tear the fabric, mix the dyes, I even like ironing the fabric. But then I am done. I am satisfied. I don't have to see it cut up into pieces or even quilted. I just have to change the white fabric into colored fabric.
Maybe I am just an enabler. I enable others to get the joy of quilting. I enable others to get the joy of cutting and piecing or appliqueing with gorgeous hand dyed fabrics. Well that's my story anyway.


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Cheri said...

No where is it written that she who pieces quilts must also quilt them! I send my quilts out to a long arm quilter...guilt free! She does what she does best as do I. Let yourself enjoy whatever part of the process you love, without guilt.