Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It was a good start...

I started out yesterday morning feeling so good with the plan of getting so much accomplished. I did pretty well for a couple of hours too. I got up at the crack of dawn and took #3 (youngest son) to school. I came home and worked on cutting out a new quilt top. I knew I had to be at the LQS (I work there) to run credit cards and make a deposit while the owner is out of town. Well anyway I am busy cutting away at my vast civil war reproduction stash and right as I am about to exclaim I have gotten alot accomplished in a short amount of time I notice it is MUCH later than I thought. No wonder I had almost the whole top cut, I have been cutting for over 3 hours! No wonder my legs are getting tired and stiff! LOL

The rest of the day I just got more behind. I even got stuck at the Dr's office for what should have been a 15 minute visit to get results of my blood work, for more than 2 hours! On top of that Doc decides she wants to look at my throat. She asks, "Does that hurt?" I say no. She looks in my ears and ask "Do you have much pain in your ears?" I say, no. She decides to listen to my lungs, and asks "Hmmm, you sure you don't feel bad?" I reply, "I'm beginning to." :^( I left the office with a bag of sample meds, a prescription and have to go back in 6 weeks for a fasting blood test. I barely made it home and fell into bed knowing I needed to be there since Doc was so concerned. Sure enough I get up this morning and my throat hurts, my ears hurt and I am coughing almost every breath! LOL Either this is mind over matter or she is a GREAT doc and she caught it even before the symptoms started!

If I live I'll be back.



Cheri said...

Bless your heart...hope you feel better soon.

swooze said...

Hugs! Take care of yourself.

Sonnja said...

I hope you feel better soon.
kind regards,